Top 7 things to do in Amsterdam 


Image: Wikimedia Commons

The city of Amsterdam has more bicycles than any other city in the world. Most people prefer to go around in bicycles than using any other forms of transport. It also has so many bridges the city has more bridges than any other city in Europe! It is also a historic city, with growth spanning centuries and seasons, and if you want to learn about all these, there are museums and establishments all over the city, with just that. Don’t miss the flowers, the canals, the windmills, the cafes, and even the markets!

There is a lot to do in Amsterdam, and here are some of the interesting to do when in the city!

1. Have a tour around the canals

Image; Wikimedia Commons


Fun fact about Amsterdam, it has more canals than Venice! The city has about 165 canals that stretch to about 100 kilometers the city also has islands and about 1,500 bridges! They are also very clean and one can take canal tours while in the city! Get to see some of them which date as far back as the 17th century; the Dutch Golden Age. The city has more than a quarter of its surface covered in water. The famous Red Light District, which is in the middle of the city, is crossed by one of the oldest canals in the city and the world. When in Amsterdam, you should take the Amsterdam Canal Cruises, which will take you around Amsterdam using boats on the many canals! Some of the most popular, include the Herengracht, also known as The Gentleman’s Canal, The Keizersgracht, The Emperor’s Canal, among others, and the Canal Belt, which was built in the 17th Century, is now a UNESCO Heritage Site.

2. Visit the Rijksmuseum

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Opened in 1800 and named the Nationale Kunstgalerij, in The Hague, the museum held more than 200 paintings and historical objects. Then a few years later in 1808, it moved to the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. It has over time acquired more things to put on display and now has more than 1million objects, making it one of the world’s best art museums. Works by notable names like Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer are displayed there in a building which in itself is spectacular. The works, from the Golden age, summing up to about 2,000 pieces, are displayed in 80 galleries that span over more than 800 years of Dutch Art and History!

3. Albert Cuyp Market 

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Markets are great places where one can learn about the place and the people. You also get great deals when buying food or souvenir items during your travels! Shop till you drop at The Albert Cuyp Market is the biggest market in the Netherlands, you can therefore imagine its size and the activities of this market. There are over 260 stands from foods to clothing and other items! The market is open six days a week, and also even has entertainment options like bands playing occasionally. Locals and tourists love the place, which was opened in 1905, as it offers the best of what the Netherlands is made of!

4. Van Gogh Museum

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Vincent Willem van Gogh has to be one of the most brilliant artists of his time. Even though his career was very short, spanning at just about ten years, the painter did such amazing work with over 2,100 pieces- 1,000 drawings, 160 watercolors, 900 paintings, and 9 lithographs, and who apart from his amazing talent in painting, is known to have cut off one of his ears during a fight with an acquaintance! He was born in the Netherlands in 1853 and died in France in 1890. The Van Gogh Museum is dedicated to most of his previous works and has also done a biography that tells of his life, his works, his health, and his death. You can book a ticket online to visit the museum, get to see his works, his critiques, and his journeys, as well as some letters he shared with family over time!

5. Flevopark

Image: Wikimedia Commons

After a lot of travels and sightseeing around the city, you need to check out the Flevopark, a lush and peaceful park in the middle of Amsterdam. Here, you can just take the time to lounge around, cycle, have a picnic, enjoy the sun when it comes out, and relax. The place is in Oost, on the East side of Amsterdam, and has a shallow pool for some swimming during the warmer months.

6. Anne Frank Museum

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Anne Frank was a Jewish woman who hid from the Nazis for two years in 1942, she was discovered and died a year after that at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945. Anne Frank was a young girl with an amazing story, who was born in Frankfurt and lived there with her parents and sister, but moved to Amsterdam when business proved difficult for her father. He started a business of making and selling pectin as well as spice and herbs and was doing well, until the Nazis raided the Netherlands and took control, making life and business for Jews living there. When the hunt for the Jews began, her father made a hiding place near where his business had been, and they, together with some other people hid for two years, all the while, at the age of 13, Anne was writing a diary documenting the life they lived at the Secret Annex, and when they were discovered, their helpers were able to salvage the diary before the place was destroyed. While Anne, her sister, and mother did not survive the concentration camps owing to disease and hardships, her father was rescued during the end of World War II and got hold of Anne’s Diary, which he was urged to publish. He did so and even translated the Het Achterius – The Secret Annex into 70 languages. It has also been adapted as a play and movie. Her father then saw the opening of the Secret Annex where they hid and named it the Anne Frank Museum, which you need to visit to get a feel of the life that young Anne lived during World War II.  

7. De Ton Ton Club

Image: Time Out

Let out the child in you by visiting the De Ton Ton Club. The 10-year old in us wants to come out to play often, and this is the perfect place! There are so many games to play like the Mortal Combat, Super Mario Kart, pool, ball pit, and many more to enjoy! It is located at the Zuiveringshal at Westergas and has a great fusion of American and Japanese music and great food as well!