Plaça Reial


Here are five amazing things to do around Plaça Reial

1.) Take a Ramblas and Barri Gotic Walking Tours

Discover all the gothic buildings and monuments of Barcelona as well as the Ramblas neighborhood with a local guide! This is the only way to really discover the city, its secrets and its hidden wonders.

2.) Have a drink under the Arcades

Most trendy and well-off people in Barcelona come to the Plaça Reial to have a drink under the arcades. It is a really pleasant break. You should definitely try to join the fancy and posh Barcelonans!

3.) Go shopping or just wander around the Bacardi-covered street

This pedestrian street starts from the arcades of the Plaça Reial and it is completely covered with arcades too. There you will find little trendy shops and nice cafés and restaurants.


4.) Visit the church “Santa Maria Del Pi”

This church is not far from the sea and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Santa Maria). It is therefore to be seen, and it also has a beautiful architecture.

It’s the perfect example of the Catalan Gothic Style with only one nave. The acoustics are amazing and you can enjoy Spanish guitar concerts almost every day.

If you go there in the morning during weekends, you’ll see a painters’ market, where you’ll find great Catalan artists selling pieces at very good prices!

5.) Hang around the old city of Barcelona

This neighborhood is emblematic of the history of Barcelona. It used to be the economic center of the city, the medieval CBD in a way, but nowadays it is only a neighborhood for locals to live and enjoy traditional streets and architecture in a peaceful atmosphere.

Facts about Plaça Reial

Originally a theatre was supposed to be built on this spot to replace the convent of the Capucines, but another theatre was built in La Rambla neighborhood. The project was therefore changed and Barcelonans decided to erect this plaza instead. First, it was supposed to be called “Plaza of the Spanish Heroes” but in 1848 the monarchy decided not to give it any name related to French liberalism and influence (here the liberation war).

This plaza is the only one in Barcelona that has arcades and it is located in the Old City. The plaza is called PlaçaReial to honor both the king Ferran VII, who reigned during the construction and generally, the Spanish monarchy. At the center of the square, there is a fountain surrounded by two lampposts designed by Gaudi which represent the Spanish army. Nowadays, people come to this plaza to have a drink under the arcades.

Plaça Reial

The PlaçaReial is a very popular plaza for Barcelonians. It is the only square where you can enjoy a cup of coffee under the arcades, shaded from the sun during the summer. It is quite unique for its history and it is a sign of Spanish independence from other nations, which is why we Barcelonans are so proud of it.


  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Near By

1.) Montjuic Park:
This majestic park is likely to enchant you as it has all you can dream of when you think of a park: large areas of green grass and plants, a beautiful monument and sightseeing spots over the seaside!

2.) Barcelona’s Aquarium:
It is an absolute must-see for a family visiting the city. It will entertain and amuse your children and you will probably enjoy it as well. Moreover, Barcelona’s Zoo is very close to the beach and is therefore ideal to combine both and have a “kids’ day” during your trip.

3.) Museum of Contemporary Art:
Most big cities have their own contemporary art museum and Barcelona is not the exception. Even if the collection presents pieces of art from all over the world, it includes quite a huge part of national art as there are many famous contemporary Spanish artists.

The MACBA is located in Plaçadels Àngels, the favorite place of both skaters and locals. We like to go there and have a beer in the afternoon, the terraces are great!

Why it’s worth visiting

  • It is the only plaza in Barcelona which has beautiful arcades and nice shade spots.
  • You can appreciate the pride of the monarchy in the architecture of the plaza.