Ciutadella Park


Here are five amazing things to do around Ciutadella Park

1.) Stroll around the park

The biggest park of Barcelona is probably the most beautiful one as well. While walking around you will discover plenty of charming gardens, hidden playgrounds and natural waterfalls. The park also hosts buildings of national importance such as the Catalan Parliament.

If you get tired of walking you can use a bike, and if it gets too warm remember that, among the park’s large boulevards, you will find hundreds of little paths with benches where you can sit and relax with locals.

Moreover in this park you are going to see local people practicing all kind of sports: bicycles, yoga, taichi, football… and also you’ll see a lot of young people making picnics there for lunch. So don’t hesitate to buy bread, tomatoes (you have to spread them in the bread) and iberico ham (jamón iberico) and make your sandwich in Ciutadella. Of course with some Catalan beer like Estrella Damm or Moritz or something fresh like a Cacaolat, typical chocolate milkshake form Catalunya.

2.) Museums

The park features two museums for the price of one. Visitors can visit one of the most complete geological/zoological exhibitions in Barcelona which includes an exhaustive list of mineralogy and paleontology specimens. Each museum is housed in some of the park’s most impressive structures. An absolute must see!

3.) The Hivernacle and The Umbracle

The Hivernacle consist of two greenhouses connected by a large glass roof. It is mainly used for cultural events, whereas the Umbracle is a very relaxing space thanks to its structure that keeps the atmosphere fresh. An ideal place to avoid the overwhelming summer heat!

4.) Barcelona’s Zoo

Located in the heart of the Ciutadella Park, the zoo has been reproducing the natural environment of its residents for over 100 years. According to children, the zoo is by far the most popular attraction of the park. But adults will also appreciate the 4,000 animals of 400 different species that live here: gorillas, dolphins, felines, tropical birds, reptiles, etc.

5.) Rent a boat

To enjoy this oasis in a different way you can also rent a boat and take an idyllic ride on the placid man-made lake in the heart of the park (10€ per hour). It is definitely the best place to enjoy the park without walking.

Facts about Ciutadella Park

Initially the Ciutadella was a citadel built in the early eighteenth century. The Bourbons needed to reinforce their power in Catalonia and managed to do so by placing troops in the citadel. A century and a half after its construction, the city experienced riots which were brutally quelled by the Spanish army. In 1843 and after two months of strikes and demonstrations, Barcelona was bombed from the hill of Montjuic which partially destroyed the Ciutadella. Finally, it was totally demolished during the Revolution of 1868 because it represented everything that the Catalans hated: the symbol of the Bourbons’ power and the military repression.

In 1888 Barcelona hosted the Universal Exhibition in the Ciutadella Park. At that time an unknown architect was in charge of designing a building for the “Compañía Transatlántica”. He was named Gaudi. After this event the Park was dedicated to other purposes which you will discover once you visit it.

Ciutadella Park

Inside Barcelona is the Ciutadella Park, one of the most beautiful parklands of Spain. The site includes several museums, a zoo, two huge greenhouses, and so much more. While walking around you will also enjoy the Gaudi-style architecture of the park.


How to get there

By Metro:
Line 4 (stop Ciutadella) or Tram T4

By Bus:
Lines 14, 39, 40, 41, 42, 51 and 141

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Why it’s worth visiting

  • Central Park is nothing compared to the Ciutadella! At first sight it is 30 hectares of beautiful parklands located in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic), but keep in mind that this area is not only a huge green space in the heart of the city; it is also a place of historical importance that hosts outstanding museums, and fun places such as a zoo. Locals will have to admit that this park is by far the most invigorating place inside the city: isn’t it the point of summer vacations after all?