Find the best Ticket, Attractions & Specialty Tours in St Petersburg

Specialty tours, attractions and tickets Monument to Nicolas the 1st

The people’s City

  • the Winter Palace, the Admiralty and the Bronze Horseman – the crown jewels
  • Tales and traces of the ‘hero city’: how SPB survived Hitler’s 900-day-long siege
  • countless photo opps for capturing Saint Petersburg
  • your guide is an enthusiastic local who can give you insights into the city, and share tips about things to do
  • very small groups – you get a lot of face-time with your guide
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Specialty tours, attractions and tickets Savior on the Spilled Blood

The Imperial City

  • great landmarks: the Church on Spilt Blood, Nevsky prospekt and the Hermitage Museum
  • back alleys and intimate canals, and the home of “the Russian Shakespeare” – Alexander Pushkin
  • extra-small groups and loads of face-time with your guide for the flow of questions that will come to you
  • a guide who is also a born-and-raised local with fluent English and with countless stories about her/his home city
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