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The best online shows in Paris

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Landmarks show

Paris most famous landmarks

The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Louvre and more.

25 minutes / FREE SHOW
  • Live from Paris, see all the famous landmarks
  • With BeamZ, you will be ‘in’ Paris with your host – totally interacting with the show
  • Live and totally interactive – Change the route, choose what’s next or what to visit
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Virtual Notre Dame show

Notre Dame Live

See how Notre Dame is rebuilding after the fire

30 minutes / FREE SHOW
  • Direct from Notre Dame cathedral, see the latest progress LIVE
  • Linger at the gargoyles and headless St Denis
  • Ask your guide any question you want ‘as if you’re standing at the front door’, because you will be!
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The Montmartre show

Live daily show from Paris' most visited neighborhood

25 minutes / FREE SHOW
  • Experience the Moulin Rouge and Sacre Coeur – the world-famous must-see landmarks
  • See Renoir’s windmill, the Cabaret of the Assassins & Paris’ only operating vineyard
  • Hear true stories about Montmartre and Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, Edith Piaf and more
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Gallerie Vivienne in Paris

The Hidden Gems of Paris

Paris off the beaten tracks

90 minutes / FREE SHOW
  • Visit towers from 1200 AD, a 500 year old restaurant, the ‘leaning wall’, and many others
  • Experience hidden gems that you won’t see in guide books
  • Interact live with born-and-raised Parisian host who answers your questions
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Pantheon Paris

Paris’ Latin Quarter

Get up close with secret streets and bohemian haunts

30 minutes / FREE SHOW
  • Walk through the narrow streets of Paris’ Latin Quarter
  • See the Sorbonne, the Pantheon, the Luxembourg Garden. Experience student haunts, cozy cafés and artsy theaters
  • Paris’ Latin Quarter. Live. With a host who was a student there!
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Ride to the top

Eiffel tower ride

Climb the Eiffel Tower - live

30 minutes / FREE SHOW
  • Beam yourself right to the Eiffel Tower – live and interactive
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of Paris – stop the climb anytime
  • Ask questions and have fun with true stories about the Eiffel tower
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Live from the Louvre

See the 'Big Five' at the Louvre

40 minutes / $10
  • Beam yourself live into the Louvre
  • See the five most famous works of art in the Louvre starting with the Mona Lisa
  • This show is fully interactive. From the comfort of your home.
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Marie Antoinette show

Marie-Antoinette: innocent or guilty?

Would you send Marie-Antoinette to the guillotine?

30 minutes / $8
  • Was Marie-Antoinette guilty? Did she deserve the guillotine for high treason?
  • Listen to the prosecution. Meet the defendant. Gather all the evidence.
  • Live, and interactive, you get to decide her fate!
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