Rome attractions

The attraction tickets you need for Rome.

Cheap Attraction Tickets for Rome

A Roman’s guide to buying your tickets to Rome’s Attractions

A Roman shares how to buy tickets to Rome’s attractions. (read more) There are thousands of ways to find tickets to Rome’s attractions. Our team of local guides bring you the best prices and the easiest ways to buy tickets to Rome’s top attractions.

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Ancient Rome Tour

Every day rain or shine by reservation

From highlights to insider’s insights, absorb all that we owe to ancient Rome – from politics to sports and from architecture to cinema.

On our tours you will feel the difference. Our native City Guides know what it’s like to live in Rome, are eager to take you around their favorite neighborhoods and glad to give you personal insights into life in our city – where to go out, shop, drink, dine and experience the city. An hour with a Discover Walks guide is like strolling around with a new friend.

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Pantheon & the Fountains Tour

  • Pantheon – Rome’s unsolved mystery
  • Trevi – Rome’s greatest fountain
  • Classical vs. Baroque – art history 101 (in one minute or less)
  • Piazza Colonna – where architecture is politics
  • We teach you how Romans pick a good restaurant
  • The Spanish steps. And why it is illegal to eat on them
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