Montmartre, a free tour

Discover the best free tours in Paris

Top 10 Best Paris Free Tours for 2020

There are lots of free walking tours in Paris - tip only tours where you pay what you would like at the end of the tour. We have selected the best Paris free tours for this list.

Why listen to us? -- We give over 100,000 Discover Walks tours every year. We know what makes up a good tour. That is why we feel this list will help you find the free tour of Paris that will work best for you.

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Montmartre walking tour

(402 votes)

( 4.9 /5 / 5 )
  • Moulin Rouge, Chat noir and the cabaret of the Assassins
  • Sacre coeur church and artists’ square – icon of Bohemian Paris
  • The extravagant home of eccentric pop singer Dalida – and what it means to French pop culture
  • Windmills, vineyards and Paris’ most celebrated 180° view
  • The haunts of Renoir, Picasso and Amélie – and how they matter to the rest of the world
  • The best view of Sacre Coeur – and why no one ever goes there
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Le Marais walking tour

(93 votes)

( 4.9 /5 / 5 )
  • Refined town-houses of the French aristocracy. And tales of their escapades and their lifestyles
  • Places des Vosges and secluded parks and gardens where Parisians like to stroll
  • Hotel de Sully: the stunning gem you do not see coming
  • Food trends : what hip Parisians eat today
  • The ever-changing Jewish pletzl
  • The fashion stores that set the trend one year ahead – and how to stay ahead of them
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Academy nationale de Paris

Paris landmarks walking tour

(116 votes)

( 4.8 /5 / 5 )
  • Photo ops: Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées and Montmartre
  • 3 of the the world’s greatest museums: Louvre, Orsay and the Orangerie
  • The haunts of Coco Chanel, Hemingway and Princess Diana
  • Place Vendôme and Napoleon’s great column
  • Some of the world’s most exclusive hotels: Crillon, Meurice, Ritz and now Mandarin Oriental
  • Your guide: a born-and-raised Parisian who will bring Paris to life
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secret paris tour

Hidden Gems and Secret Paris tour

(77 votes)

( 4.9 /5 / 5 )
  • bundles of surprises, secret venues and hidden gems
  • photo spots and exclusive shops not listed in the standard guide-books
  • free-flowing conversation with an engaging and enthusiastic, born-and-raised local
  • 90 minutes, in English, along a short and comfortable route
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Left bank tour with Discover Walks Paris

Left Bank, Notre Dame and Latin Quarter tour

(82 votes)

( 4.9 /5 / 5 )
  • Notre Dame: Gothic, gargoyles, flying buttresses and the great fire of 2019
  • Sorbonne university – ideas and revolutions
  • The Pantheon and great Frenchmen – Victor Hugo, Voltaire and Emile Zola
  • Student life in the Latin Quarter – artsy movie houses and cool cafés
  • Latin Quarter heroes: the Unicorn, Cyrano de Bergerac, Hemingway, Picasso and Gertrude Stein
  • A guide with fluent English, but who is also a Latin Quarter local. Complete with stories and insider’s recommendations
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Montmartre tour gratis en español

90 minutos / Gratis - Solo Propina
  • El Moulin Rouge y el cabaret de los Asesinos
  • La pintoresca pero real escenografia de la pelicula Amélie
  • El Moulin de la Galette, fuente de inspiración de tantos artistas como Van Gogh o Renoir
  • La mejor vista de la Basílica de Sacre Coeur!
  • La plaza de los pintores
  • El único viñedo de Paris
  • Picasso y el atelier Bateau Lavoir
  • y la más espectacular vista panoramica de Paris!
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Les deux magots Paris

Saint-Germain walking tour

(29 votes)

( 4.9 /5 / 5 )
  • Café Procope, Shakespeare and Company, Café Flore and Deux Magots: the cafés where coffee and literature bond
  • Paris history: books to resist the nazis, WW II, freedom through jazz, and the original burial place of the Kings of France
  • The studios of Picasso and Delacroix, and the birth-place of Guernica: Picasso’s greatest work?
  • Valuable insider’s tips: what to do, where to go. Hot clubs, fun cafés, and authentic restaurants
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Notre Dame Tour 2019

Notre Dame walking tour

(64 votes)

( 4.9 /5 / 5 )
  • The gargoyles and the flying buttresses
  • Best overall photo spots, and residents’ access to the island
  • Info about the re-build, and on-the-spot details about the fire –see where it started and how it spread
  • Learn the secrets behind Paris’s most visited site, and how Victor Hugo’s Hunchback saved Notre Dame in 1831
  • Barring construction site restrictions, may also include: Palais de Justice and Sainte Chapelle – Notre-Dame’s “younger sister”. Also Conciergerie, the palace of the French Kings and Marie Antoinette’s last home
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