Bank of England

Tour of London in 6 hours


From 6 hours / €0.00
  • Tour of London with an expert tour guide
  • See London’s most iconic sights and landmarks
  • Learn interesting little-known facts about London
  • Learn the history of London
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Big Ben and Whitehall from Trafalgar Square, London

London Free Tour


From 2 hours and 30 minutes / €0.00
  • Explore the city’s best attractions and famous landmarks
  • Learn about the most influential royal family of the world
  • Visit three royal palaces i.e., Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Palace, and Westminster
  • Learn about Sir Winston Churchill’s life in front of his war rooms
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Shoreditch street art

Free Tour of Shoreditch Street Art


From 2 hours / €0.00
  • Seeing exceptional pieces of art
  • Learning more about the history of Shoreditch
  • Find out insider stories about local artists and the meaning behind murals
  • Save time searching for street art, get a guide’s shortlist instead
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The Pelicans basking in the sunshine in St. James's Park, London. Buckingham Palace is in the background.

Free Tour of classic London


From 3 hours / €0.00
  • Make stops to see iconic London attractions such as house of the British Prime Minister, Westminster Abbey and much more
  • Walk through St James Park to see its famous pelicans
  • Learn the history of Trafalgar Square
  • See the changing of the Guard if it takes place the day we do the tour
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Buckingham Palace changing of the guards

Free Walk tour of Essential London


From 2 hours and 30 minutes / €0.00
  • Visit iconic London landmarks
  • Witness the famous Changing of the Guard (if it operates on that day)
  • Learn more about London and its history
  • Be entertained by the squirrels and pelicans of St. James’s Park
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Panoramic aerial skyline view of London

Free Tour of the city of London


From 2 hours and 30 minutes / €0.00
  • Learn the history of ancient London
  • Visit icon attractions in London
  • Walk through the streets of London with a professional guide
  • See how traces of the past intertwine with modern London
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Jack the Ripper in old London

Free Walking Tour of Jack the Ripper in London


From 2 hours / €0.00
  • Learn the facts, conspiracies and mysteries of Jack of the Ripper from your expert guide
  • Along the way, we visit, the Prostitute’s Church, Mitre Square, Frying Pan Alley, Spitalfield’s Market & The 10 Bells Pub
  • Learn the tragic life stories of the poor women killed by John the Ripper
  • Draw your own conclusions on John the Ripper’s identity
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