The best day trips from Rome, Italy

Discover the best day trips from Rome

Top Ten Rome Day Trips

These are the best day trips from Rome being offered.

The immaculate and beautiful gardens at the Hotel Villa d’Este

Rome: 5 hour Guided Tour of UNESCO Jewels


5 hours / € 71
  • Discover where the Roman and Renaissance nobles retreated to during summer
  • Visit Villa Adriana, Emperor Hadrian’s ‘ideal city’
  • Walk around Villa d’Este and take in its spectacular water features
  • Walk-in a fantastic example of an Italian Garden and get a view of lovely grottoes and nymphs
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Boat in the water

Rome: Ponza Island Full Day Tour with Boat Excursion


13 hours / €119
  • Sail around Ponza Island and enjoy the Mediterranean sun and views of the clear sea
  • Enjoy a simple mariner’s style lunch on board a private boat
  • Spot and learn about some of the most beautiful caves and swimming spots
  • Enjoy a leisurely drink, or shop for souvenirs at the port
  • Laze and enjoy some sun on the boat’s sun decks
  • Swimming and snorkeling at some of the Pontine Islands
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View of Naples, Italy

Rome: Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius Full Day Tour


13 hours / €109
  • Travel to and from Rome in an air-conditioned private bus
  • Front of the line access at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii (No waiting in line)
  • Enjoy a short hike to the top of Mount Vesuvius for incredible views of the Bay of Naples. Only available during the months of April to mid-November)
  • Stroll through the historic city of Naples from the months of mid-November to March
  • Guided tour of the Roman town of Pompeii
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Pienza, Italy

Rome: Full Day Trip to Montepulciano and Tuscany


13 hours / €129
  • 3-course lunch with local wine pairings enjoyed in an authentic vineyard farmhouse
  • Relaxing walking tour of Montepulciano
  • Tales of the Tuscan region and the rich local culture
  • Visit to the centuries old San Biagio church
  • Visit Pienza and buy souvenirs such as wine, cheese, and balsamic vinegar
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