Water, Stone and Lights!…Presenting Rome

Free Walking Tour of Rome

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Rome, Italy

2 Hours

About this tour

In Rome, there is a lively piazza around almost every corner, each with its own unique atmosphere and its own story to tell. These public squares have been the centre of Roman culture for centuries, and some of the city’s most popular attractions are located within them.

Most piazzas have a fountain in the centre and a lot of cafes around. In fact, Rome holds the largest number of fountains in the world (including 50 monumental and hundreds of smaller ones), some of which date back thousands of years. In addition, to magnificent decorative buildings, Rome built sophisticated structures, just as impressive due to their scale. Roman aqueducts, bridges, walls, sewers, and roads are justly famous, and many of them are still standing tall. This tour through its streets talks about its history, art, culture and curiosities.

Tour Highlights

  • Learn about Rome’s love affair with fountains
  • See Roman aqueducts
  • Enjoy sumptuous Italian handmade ice cream

Practical information

What,s Included

  • Guide

Not Included

  • Gratuities
  • Food

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Operated by Cesar


/10 (1,687 votes)

The tour was very enjoyable. César knew how to take it very well at all times and allowed us to take some magnificent photos in the Trevi Fountain and in the rest of the places visited.

Review by Manel-Barcelona