Prague Night tour

The Magic of the Prague Castle

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What's in our tour?

With this walking tour, you can discover Prague’s #1 attraction like no other tourist does – at night, with the crowds gone, the buildings all lit up, in the company of a born-and-raised native of Prague.

We meet at the foot of the Castle, 5 minutes away from the Charles Bridge, on Malostranske Namesti plaza in front of Starbucks.

We hop on tram #22, for a short ride up the hill on Prague’s most romantic tram.

We enter the Castle premises through “the gardens of liberty”, imagined by Vaclav Havel after the Velvet Revolution finally overthrew Communism in 1989.

We walk through the “parade gate” and courtyards, and enjoy the lit-up facades of Saint-Vitus Cathedral, the offices of the President or the Old Royal Palace, the home of Czech kings for over 1000 years!

All along there is no one but us – in these places that swarm with people during the day. We even manage to take a peak into the Golden Lane – where black magicians were busy turning lead into gold for Rudolph the mad king.

Everywhere we run into memories of Prague’s great heroes – king Charles of course, but also President-liberator Masaryk, Cold War hero Vaclav Havel, and writer Kafka, who lived once in the Golden Lane.

We also enjoy Prague’s greatest vista over the lit-up rooftops – lesser town, Charles Bridge and the River, and all the way to Old Town. Remember to bring your camera along!

We walk down Nerudova – Prague’s most iconic street, full of tales known to every little kid who grows up in Prague. The tour comfortably ends at its starting point. Before we part, the guide sees you back to public transportation or a private taxi, or makes recommendations about things to do after this tour.


  • the only night-time tour of the Prague castle available
  • a unique insight into the Prague Castle – void of people, all lit up, and all poetic and romantic
  • Countless stunning night-time views over the city
  • This night-time tour is not meant to scare you, but to make you fall in love with Prague
  • Small group, and lots of face time with your guide

Where and when?

We meet on Malostranske Namesti plaza in front of Starbucks

Our Prague night walking tour runs every day at 8pm rain or shine

Tour not available on Dec. 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st & on Jan 1st

Why take this tour?

In our experience, this night tour is the best insight possible into Prague, barring none


Our Prague night tour is €80 flat for up to 5 people, for 6 people and more (up to 10) our tour is €120


We meet on Malostranske Namesti plaza in front of Starbucks.


every day at 8pm rain or shine

Metro station

Closest metro station : Malostranske Namesti

Additional information

Average time : 95 min
average number of guests: 4

Look for our distinct pink vests

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