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Market & COOKING in Paris

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What's in our tour?

Market & Cooking in Paris starts at the local farmers’ market. The chef takes you to the local market he shops at. We choose a menu, we meet purveyors, we pick the best foods available – and the wine, of course!

We then go back to the chef’s home, for our elaborate – and fun, always! – cooking class.

Then we eat a refined meal, with matching drinks, in a Parisian home – the meal we just cooked!

Parisian – fun – and authentic – cooking and eating.

We meet outside the chef’s home and head straight to the local food market. We identify quality seasonal produce. We explore local shops – cheese store, bread, vegetable, butcher, fishmonger, fruit seller etc. We talk to merchants. We observe the local Parisians shopping around us. And we pick what we will be cooking.

We then head to the chef’s private apartment. We find out what everyone knows about cooking, and we review the menu du jour, the cooking utensils and the protocol. We raid the fridge for the cool drinks awaiting us.

We start cooking – there is a meal to make! Market & Cooking in Paris is very hands-on – you are not here to watch, everyone cooks the whole meal. The menu focuses on spectacular French dishes you can reproduce to impress your friends.

The host is a Parisian food buff and an advanced recreational chef. He shares personal memories, family tips and cooking traditions passed on from generation to generation.

After work comes the reward – we all sit down together for a meal of a lifetime. You will skip dinner tonight…

Later, after your Market & Cooking in Paris, your host will send you the recipe of whatever you ended up choosing to cook.


  • Popular: our reviews say it all
  • Authentic: finally a Paris cooking class that also includes a shopping tour at a farmers’ food market
  • Authentic again: no classroom, you cook and eat in the home of a Parisian. The chef shares French food culture with you.
  • Gourmet: top produce, good wines, and spectacular French dishes
  • Hands-on: groups are limited to 7 guests max – lots of face-time with your host
  • Kid-friendly: children are welcome, and they have important chores on the menu
  • Fun: our reviews say it all

Where and when?

Paris Market & Cooking Class runs on market days – Thursday and Sunday, rain or shine. In English. Class starts on time at 10.30am, it runs around 4 hours.

Your class takes place in the home of a Parisian food buff, at Saint-Mandé (east Paris, on metro line 1).

Closed on Dec. 24 & 25

Why take this tour?

Authentically Parisian – and great fun!


€120/person (€140 for a party of 1). Kids under 13 pay just €80.

Fun Cooking Class
Fun Cooking Class in Paris


We meet outside metro station Saint-Mandé (line 1) at street level, exit 1


Fun Cooking starts at 10.30am and runs 4 hours,on Thursdays and Sundays.

Metro station

Closest metro station: Saint Mandé (line 1)

Additional information

Average time : 4 hours
average number of guests 5

Ooh La La Fun Cooking includes: tour of local farmers’ food market, class, lunch and drinks.

Ooh La La does not include: hotel pick-up or drop-off, gratuity for guide (optional).

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