The Caviar & Champagne Experience

Available with any of our PRIVATE tours

90min / €90/person
available every week-day

booking is required

extra-small groups

What's in our tour?

With this option, you experience a quintessentially Parisian tradition: caviar & champagne.

You’re visiting Paris – what better place for a somehow extravagant treat?

After your tour with Discover Walks, your guide takes you  to Paris’ caviar bar: Comptoir du Caviar, near the Champs Elysées and the Paris Opéra house.

As soon as you arrive, 3 types of caviar are brought to your table.

As more caviar gets brought to you, you are served a second glass of chilled champagne. You also eat tarama roe on home-made canapés.

As you eat, you also engage in discussions with the host. What are the reasons behind the ritual? Why is Paris the natural place for eating caviar?

You eat and drink. Along the way, you learn to savor and appreciate caviar for what it is, with the guidance of a contemporary, responsible, and enthusiastic caviar house.

You cannot wait. Neither can we…


  • Samplings of 3 different caviars: Siberian sturgeon, schrenkii dauricus, and Ossetra.
  • 2 glasses of champagne, selected by Comptoir du caviar (Monial Libera Me)
  • An assortment of home-made tarama roe and blini canapés
  • Private seating at Comptoir du Caviar: a modern French caviar producer, respectful of nature and the new regulations for safekeeping caviar and sturgeon
  • Face-to-face time with Comptoir du Caviar’s host, to learn all about caviar – how to differentiate beluga vs. oscietre, how to pair caviar with champagne etc.
  • A cab ride from your tour to the Caviar Tasting, in the company of your guide

Where and when?

Our Caviar & Champagne Experience is available every weekday, rain or shine, and lasts a relaxed 90 minutes. Not available Saturdays and Sundays. Closed on Dec. 24 & 25.

The experience is an add-on to all PRIVATE tours. You can also include it in your Best Day.

The Paris Caviar Experience ends at Comptoir du Caviar on boulevard Haussmann, near Madeleine (closest metro is Madeleine, lines 8, 12 and 14).

This experience is with a small-group.

Why take this tour?

Because life is short!? Because you’re in Paris?!

And because nothing tastes quite like the caviar from Comptoir du caviar.


€90/person, with a minimum booking of 2 people.

Other information

This tour can accommodate wheelchairs.

You must book a PRIVATE tour with Discover Walks – any PRIVATE tour of your choice- in order to qualify to the Champagne and caviar experience.

This Experience ends no later than 7pm.


It starts at the end or during any Private Tour of your choice


Every week-day

Metro station

Closest Metro station Madeleine (lines 8, 14 or 12)

Additional information

Average time: 1 hour 30 minutes

This experience is with a small-group.

Ends at Comptoir du Caviar on boulevard Haussmann, near Madeleine

Look for our distinct pink vests