Photo Workshop

What you learn

Awake the artist inside of you.

Camera in hand, dare to create.

We teach you how to spread your wings and fly: go “manual mode”, analyze and anticipate a photographic situation, learn framing and composition, and develop your photographer’s eye. Your classroom is the streets and the people of Paris.

What you photograph

We have chosen some of the Parisians’ favorite week-end sites and landmarks :

  • The off-street hidden gardens of the Archives Nationales
  • The district where Parisians shop and flirt and eat out – the Marais

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90€ per person (1 non-photographer guest for free/person attending)
2 hours + – max. group size 4 participants. Private session (one person, tailor-made course): €150

You should attend if: you’re passionate about photography and you want to push your own creative limits.

You can be a near expert or an enthusiastic beginner: our Paris photography class is personalized and works around your level. Welcome!

After this workshop, you will take great travel photos – guaranteed.


Is my camera right for this ? If the knobs feature Tv, Av or M, Yes.
Still unsure? Ask us.

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NightShoots – more fun to photograph Paris at night

What you learn

The magic of the night: learn to block digital noise,
know your blue hour, play with the lights.
The fun of the night: learn light painting,
create Special Effects, re-invent buildings,
experiment with your camera, make outlandish portraits

What you photograph

The City of Light is a photographer’s dream:

  • The Louvre and the Napoleon courtyard
  • The Arc the Triomphe du Caroussel


Book your nightshoot tour here now

90€ per photographer (non-photographer guest : free)
2+hours – max. group size 4. Private session (one person, tailor-made course) €150

You should attend if: you are curious about lights and darkness, and you want to explore new photographic territories. Welcome to this fantastic workshop!

Your photos of Paris will stun your friends – guaranteed.


Is my camera right for these workshops? Depending on each manufacturer, the knob needs to feature Ta, Av or M – as in the chart here. Still unsure? Ask us.

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