Paris concierge service

Our Concierge Service Package

With our team of born-and-raised locals, we can help you plan your stay.

Step 1: we call you at your convenience: you brief us on what you want, we answer your questions, up to 30 minutes

Step 2: we design a written itinerary and we make the bookings you need

Step 3: wrap-up call: we go over the itinerary and any additional question. Up to 60 minutes

Plus: we answer up to 5 questions via email or text, before or during your trip

Our Paris Concierge Service Package includes:

  • 90 minutes on the phone with you, over 2 calls
  • 1 written itinerary
  • bookings: 5 restaurants, 2 airport/train transfer bookings
  • purchase and delivery of skip-the-line tickets for top museums and attractions: Louvre, Orsay, Eiffel Tower, Orangerie, Picasso museum
  • a written itinerary
  • answers to up to 5 questions via e-mail or text message
  • Does not include:

    • bookings for: hotel, train/plane, out-of-town excursions
    • cost of actual services: taxi fares, restaurant bills, museum tickets etc.
    • Price: €150

      Contact our team at paris(at)