Paris Best Wine Tasting Experience

Learn more about French wine with an expert!

Duration: 2-hours
Price: from €59
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France is known around the world for its wine and wine regions. Discover all that there is to know about French wine during this 2-hour class with an expert French sommelier!

You’ll also learn how to determine where certain wines come from, which grapes specific wines are made from, how to read a French wine label and the meanings of wine terms such as terroir and appellation.

Your sommelier will also take you on a special tour of the different wine regions of France, like Champagne, Bordeaux, Sancerre and the Rhone Valley.

Once you’ve completed this exclusive wine tasting experience, you’ll never have to worry about choosing the right wine ever again. Plus, if you taste a wine that you like, you have the opportunity of purchasing a bottle. Or two!

Tour highlights

  • Taste French wine with an expert sommelier
  • Learn how to recognize and appreciate different types of French wine
  • Sample wine from different French wine regions
  • Learn more about the vocabulary used to describe wine
  • Gain a better understanding of French wine labels

Why people take this tour?

Learn everything you need to know about French wine with an expert sommelier in Paris!

Journey through the several different wine regions of France, and learn how to identify where a wine comes from. You’ll also learn the basics of wine production in France, and how to read a French wine label.

This is the kind of class you’ll actually want to take. Become an expert yourself and impress your friends and family with your extensive knowledge on French wine!

Practical information

from €59

2-hour wine tasting class with an expert sommelier
1 Champagne tasting
6 French wines to try (from 6 different wine regions)
Basket of bread
Wine list
Cheat sheet to take home

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