My first time to Paris with tickets to Louvre and Seine cruise

Custom Private Tour #2

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What's in our tour?

My First Time to Paris, Ever, Tour, is our deluxe service for travelers who have never been to Paris.

Our goal is to show you the best of Paris, with a private tour with total comfort. This tour gives you:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off, a warm and caring host, and full peace of mind.
  • Your choice of the top landmarks you will enjoy the most.
  • The guarantee that you will not miss any major landmark.
  • An authentic time away from the crowded tourist war-path.
  • Your choice of one or two full days of care and attention.

This program, « custom private tour #2 », focuses on the Louvre museum, the Seine River Boat Cruise and the Latin Quarter: 3 of Paris’ top must-see destinations.

For Private Tour #1, with Notre Dame, Montmartre and Arc de Triomphe, click here.


  • Private tour of the Louvre Museum, with skip-the-line entrance. A private showing of the world’s largest museum. As detailed or as short as you would like. We can focus on highlights such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo, and/or on any art that you love best.
  • A boat cruise on the Seine river, the romantic activity that no first-time visitor to Paris will want to miss.
  • The exploration of the Latin Quarter, the student neighborhood that defines Paris – bohemian, intellectual, smart, and full of history.
  • We handle all the logistics for you, we throw in complimentary transportation, and we maximize your time in Paris.
  • The guide you hire is a communicative, enthusiastic, born-and-raised local.
  • Give your travel party Europe’s #1 company for custom private tours

Where and when?

We meet you where and when you wish in central Paris. Make that your hotel, a train station, your Airbnb residence etc. This tour will also drops off you where you request. Your guide will look after you all the way.

Instant confirmation for bookings up to 48 hours in advance. Subject to availability for other requests.

Available every day except December 24 and 25.

Why take this tour?

To make sure your first time to Paris is a resounding success. You have a choice of Private Tour #2 on this page and Private Tour #1 over there.


Full-day custom private tour – 7 hours:

for 1 or 2 adults €625
for 3 adults €645
for 4 adults €655
Additional child €18 per child

Private car service is available on request and billed separately, at cost.

You pay a $15 deposit for your tour at the time of booking. The remaining payment will be charged once all details of your tour have been agreed with your tour planner.

Cancellation rights: your payment is 100% refundable up to 24 hrs prior to the tour.

Other information

This is our most popular custom private tour.

Sample itinerary

9am. Meet and greet at your hotel. We take a taxi for the Louvre.

9:30am. In the largest museum in the world, knowing your way around is important. Your tour focuses on the Louvre’s top must-sees. But your guide also adds Egyptian art, because your kid is studying Egypt at school.

Who stole the Mona Lisa? How did the French keep the Venus of Milo away from the Nazis during WWII? Your tour focuses on art, but also on the adventures and the stories that stand behind the art.

11am. We exit Louvre through the back door and to the Art Boardwalk. After the museum bit, we catch some air and we take in the view – 360° across the River Seine.

11:15am. Your tour heads to the Latin Quarter. The birthplace of the world’s oldest university, the Paris of the Middle Ages, the student district that captures intellectual, historic, elegant Paris. Landmarks here include Sorbonne university, the Pantheon and the iconic Luxembourg garden.

12:45pm. You felt like eating a croque-monsieur on a sunny terrace. So your guide helped find and book the right place. The croques are delicious, but watching the crowds is also fun.

2pm. As the weather is so sunny, your guide suggests ice cream in the Luxembourg garden for dessert. We admire the manicured flower arrangements. But the well-dressed children pushing miniature sail boats on the pond are also well worth the visit.

2:45pm. Our stroll down to the river covers the Roman arenas – large but well hidden behind innocuous-looking doors. And also Saint-Louis – Paris’ smaller island, the small area every Parisian dream of moving to.

3:15pm. Welcome aboard! We jump on our cruise boat on the river Seine. Your cruise tickets are included. We selected the only company that runs a cruise one way, from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower.

Off to the Eiffel tower, for early photos before the crowds. Your guide takes the photos. Your guide tells how the French all hated the tower and voted to tear it down. And what saved the Tower from demolition.

You are about to enjoy more landmarks than you ever though Paris contained: the romantic bridges of the river Seine, the Eiffel tower, Concord Plaza and the Louvre and the Orsay museums.  The Palace of the Legion of Honor, the royal garden of Tuileries. Saint-Germain, the Latin Quarter and the Marais. And eventually Paris’ sister islands, Cité and Notre Dame.

4pm. The tour ends. You get off the boat at the Eiffel Tower. You can climb up, for the view. Or else your guide can advise you about the best ways to walk home.


Available every day (except on Tuesdays), you choose the starting time (operating hours 8am - 8pm).

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Booking is required.

Instant confirmation up to 48 hours ahead. On request for same-day requests.

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