Belém Tour

When Lisbon ruled the world

11am every day

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What's in our tour?

In Belém you re-live the Age of Discovery: the sailing to the New World, the explorations, and the rich rewards. Portugal’s glorious past enters your bones. And you understand all that Lisbon is about.

Our free walking tour of Belem aims to bring you to the main highlights of Lisbon.

You follow a local through the district of Belém (or “Bethlehem”), and you reflect on the heroism of the Age of Discovery.

We start at the statue in the middle of Afonso de Albuquerque parc, from where we can admire the National Belem Palace and have an informative and fun introduction into Portuguese history.
We then find ourselves in front of the bakery of Belém bakery, the actual home of Lisbon’s famous cream cake. We also enjoy the shades of the Belem garden. Monks once invented that pastry to save their abbey.

Next is Lisbon’s #1 landmark: stunning Jerónimos Monastery, a UNESCO heritage building. Your guide discusses the rich circumstances that made this masterpiece possible. Later on the tour you will also photograph equally famous Tower of Belém. These two are Lisbon’s top must-sees.

Next are the Imperial gardens and their celebrated fountain. This park reminds us how Portugal used to rule the world.

Finally we arrive at the Monument to the Discoveries. We stand right where the ships used to dock before sailing off to the rest of the world some 600 years ago. Your last stop is also a great photo opportunity.


  • You stand where Vasco de Gama set out to sea, not knowing where he was going. And you find out why Portugal turned Christopher Columbus down
  • The Jerónimos Monastery and the Tower of Belem. See with your own eyes what the gold from shipping trade could buy
  • “The caravel”, the great Portuguese ship. And what was so great about it
  • Enjoy Lisbon’s great parks, gardens and vistas – there is a a reason our President lives here!
  • Find out why people make a detour for the famous Belém pastries

Where and when?

Belem Tour runs at 11 am every day, rain or shine. It lasts a relaxed 90 minutes.

We meet at the high statue in the middle of Jardim Afonso de Albuquerque parc

This tour ends near the Monument of Discoveries.

Why take this tour?

On our Lisbon Walking Tours you will feel the difference. Exploring Lisbon with a born-and-raised local makes all the fun. You hear the stories behind the landmarks. You get to see hidden gems. And you hear from an insider where to go out, shop, and experience the city. An hour with a Discover Walks guide is like strolling around with a new friend.


This is a free walking tour, where you pay your guide what you want at the end of the tour.

Privatize this tour

In Belem groups of friends, families and school groups often reserve a private guide. €95 and up depending on group size and tour duration.

Other information

Wheelchairs not advised on this tour, because of unavoidable flights of stairs.


Meet at the high statue in the middle of Jardim Afonso de Albuquerque parc

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every day at 11am every day, rain or shine

Metro station

Tram #15E to “Belem”

Additional information

Average tip on this tour: €13
Average time: 1 hour 30 minutes

This tour ends near the Monument of Discoveries

Wheelchairs not advised

Please note that the Jeronimo Monastery as well as the Tower of Belem are both closed on Mondays

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