Two Countries One Day Tour

Sweden Day Trip

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Copenhagen, Denmark

6 Hours

About this tour

This is a special tour that offers an experience of two cities for an entire day starting
from Copenhagen to Malmo and then we head to Lund and back to Malmo. The two towns in the south of Sweden are so close to Denmark that they are considered part of Greater Copenhagen. The two destinations have dissimilar characteristics that complement each other. Lund is old, with a prestigious university and old Danish cathedral while Malmö has a dynamic soul with modern architecture and international hip culture. Together they form the ideal trip, introducing both the province of Scania and Sweden.

Start your day at the meeting point in Copenhagen where you will meet your English-speaking guide and proceed to the grand Øresund Bridge to Lund which was once the main seat of power in Scandinavia. Until 1658 the region was under the Danish crown and then on Feb 26th 1658, it became Swedish. So both Malmo and Lund have a lot of history influenced by both the Danish and Swedish crowns. Malmo is built by fishermen and factory workers whereas Lund is a town full of intellectuals. After the tour, you have the option to stay behind for as long as you wish due to a flexible return ticket.

Tour Highlights

  • Oresund Bridge
  • Lund Cathedrall
  • HSB Turning Torso
  • Lund University
  • Malmo Salahull- food court
  • Kings Park
  • Malmo Concert Hall

Practical information


  • Local Swedish guide
  • Guiding both en route and on site
  • Transport to Sweden in a minibus
  • Flexible return time by train

Not Included

  • Food and drinks (available for purchase)

Additional information

Operated by Tour Swedish Copenhagen


/10 (48 votes)

Such a great tour! Petra was our guide and she was very friendly and knowledgeable. She gets 5 stars! I liked how we had will the freedom to continue exploring Malmö at the end of the tour or to hop on the train back to Copenhagen. The Swedish meatballs she recommended for lunch at the food bazaar were delicious. I will definitely recommend this tour to my friends as a fun activity for the day!

Review by Christopher_A,