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The Best Private Food Tour - Copenhagen

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Copenhagen, Denmark

3 Hours

About this tour

2003, brought a resurgence of Denmark’s food scene in the form of the New Nordic Food Movement. Taking classic Nordic dishes and giving them a fresh, modern twist, putting Copenhagen on the map as a culinary destination. The three-and-a-half-hour adventure takes foodies around some of the most interesting and delicious eating (and drinking) spots in the city, with plenty of information about Copenhagen’s history and culture for good measure. Feel like a local, visiting the most traditional food stands and restaurants in Copenhagen. The 5 stops 4 tastings representing the palate of Copenhagen isn’t just limited to edibles but extends to drinks and beverages.  Within the allotted time you will discover the delights of Nordic cuisine served from delicious food spots. The trip is essentially an experience of traditional Danish food, the history of Denmark and the culinary customs.

Enjoy Ristepølse, a Danish gourmet hot dog, downed with elderflower juice. Try Flæskesteg, one of Denmark’s main national dishes. At Torvehallerne Market, taste  Fiskefrikadeller, a fish dumpling served with the best Danish beer. Tuck in Smørrebrod, the most traditional dish and end the tour with Danish pastries on your palate.

Tour Highlights

  • Gourmet hot dog from a street stand
  • Smorrebrod tasting in the square
  • Danish sandwich tasting
  • Coffee and Danish pastries

Practical information


  • Three hours of a private tour with a local guide
  • Five stops at Copenhagen’s most traditional stalls and
  • Four tastings of Danish Cuisine
  • A Danish pastry accompanied by a coffee
  • The most traditional beer
  • One Elderberry juice
  • A shnapps, a traditional Scandinavian drink

Additional information

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/10 (23 votes)

Our friendly and insightful guide was the highlight of our trip! Karolina’s knowledge of both Copenhagen’s history as well as Danish customs was superb!

Review by Jennifer_S