Copenhagen Sustainability Bike Tour

Green City Ride

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Copenhagen, Denmark

3 Hours

About this tour

This comes as a highly recommended tour. It is focused on the innovative measures Copenhagen implemented to achieve carbon neutrality. Your guide will take you to a number of beautiful parts of the city and feed you with information on the various sustainable initiatives in Copenhagen. The city’s historic developments are similar across many European capitals, but it is its 21st century solutions that put Copenhagen at the forefront. Book a bike for this green/clean outing where you will witness functional green roofs, solar installations, and green architecture. The guide will take you across an amazing bike bridge to places less travelled by tourists. Information is power, cycles while learning about how Copenhagen became a leader in sustainability and how it plans to meet the goal of being the first carbon neutral capital by the year 2025.

Tour Highlights

  • Maximize time in Copenhagen with a guided bike tour
  • See the city’s green landmarks including solar installations
  • Learn about Copenhagen’s sustainability practices
  • Bike a super cool bike bridge

Practical information

What’s Included

  • The green guide
  • Tour feeNot Included
  • Food and drinks
  • Transportation to/from attractions
  • Bike helmets
  • bike rental

Additional information

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/10 (15 votes)

I had a great 3-hours-ride with knowledgeable Josefine who went into detail about the innovative measures Copenhagen has introduced to achieve carbon neutrality in 2019. And going by bike is also a fun way to discover parts of Copenhagen where there are not so many tourists. I highly recommend the tour for all those who want to see that it is definitely possible to do something for our planet while at the same time thriving economically and making people happy.

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