Authentic Danish Pastry-Making Classes

Learn Danish art of Baking

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Copenhagen, Denmark

3.5 Hours

About this tour

This is a an activity that’s important for all visiting Copenhagen, for it is the best way of taking a piece of hygge with you at the end of your tour period. In the cooking class, a professional pastry chef will guide you through all the different baking techniques and tips including kneading, rolling and folding the dough with butter. You will bake a selection of traditional and delicious Danish pastries (Wienerbrød),12 pasties (4 different types of 3) and more importantly learn how to make them at home. The destination is an easy walk from the departure point at Grundtvigsvej 10A, 1864 Frederiksberg, Denmark. The kitchen was bright and had everything we needed. Frederic was an excellent teacher. He gave clear direction and demonstrations of techniques. We had so many delicious pastries to take with us. This is tour is good for food lovers and travellers who would like to learn a skill in their downtime. The short duration of the activity means that you can proceed to other tours after the class.

The chef is firm and kind and allows trainees to leave with most of the pastries baked which you can share with family or newfound friends or just warm and enjoy chomping on your own creation.

Tour Highlights

  • Indulge your love of Danish pastry during a baking class
  • An ideal choice for food lovers
  • Receive tips from a professional pastry chef
  • A morning start time leaves you with the rest of the day free

Practical information


  • Coffee and/or Tea

Additional information

Operated by Terrible - Konditorskole


/10 (51 votes)

This was an exceptionally fun & delicious experience! The instructor led us expertly through our baking class, kept us on schedule, and we left with a box bursting with wonderful pastries! If you enjoy cooking, this activity will be a hit of your Copenhagen visit!

Review by Christine_M