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We’re fairly confident that exploring London via one of Discover Walks’ many tour packages is the most worthwhile way of experiencing this colossal city.


Boasting over 100,000 walking tours a year, we’ve walked (and even cycled) millions of travelers through Europe’s most iconic streets and attractions.


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It takes skilled guides, thoughtful routes, inclusive price points and knowledge on the very best attractions in order to safely heard groups of travelers through unfamiliar places, while also maintaining that crucial enjoyment factor for London walking tours. We’re confident that travelers are in great hands so long as they’re with us, whether you’re walking, riding or eating your way through the city!


From architecture to international cuisines and world class art, our tour packages cover all corners of London Town, so that all you’ll have to focus on is putting one foot in front of the other!

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There is a tangible buzz that flows through London; one that makes this city almost foreign to the very land from which it originates. London, in comparison to the rest of the UK, is a very different entity, and in spite of its size, this is still a worthwhile place to explore on foot.

Each borough in London has a completely unique personality to the one next door. From Camden Town to Notting Hill, or Oxford Circus to Soho, you’ll observe eccentricities and photo ops that are unlike elsewhere on the continent. We’ll facilitate your free tours by foot London past the likes of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye. You’ll see London’s finest street art and numerous royal attractions and, while you’re at it, why not end the day with a dinner cruise on the Thames?

Trust us, the Brits are happy to have you in town, and locals flow symphonically with the chaos that tourism brings to the city center; “the more the merrier”, as the saying goes.

We’ve got the best experiences that London has to offer, and local guides to match. Book your tours today!”

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