Vendome Square


Here are five amazing things you can do around the Vendome Square

1.) Walking tour around the Luxury Quarter

Discover the heart of luxury in the world, and see what you can’t afford in the most famous jewelry shops. Discover also some of the most incredible landmarks of Paris all around the square, especially the Opera neighborhood. And, thanks to a free walking tour with a Parisian guide, learn all the secret history of the neighborhood.

2.) Tuileries Garden

At the end of the Castiglione Street, you will find the Tuileries garden. This old King’s garden is now a popular place where Parisians like to spend their weekends in Paris. It’s also a trendy place and each year the international fair of contemporary art is set up in the garden. Walking in the alley of the garden is a travel across history, from the old classical statues to modern art works.

3.) Walk on Rivoli Street

Walk on Rivoli Street and drink a delicious hot chocolate at Angelina’s café (226th Rivoli Street). Rivoli Street is plenty of shops and cafés. Angelina’s café is particularly famous and appreciated by Parisians. Rivoli Street is also a nice place to go shopping or just to walk along the Louvre Palace and behold the wonderful facades.

4.) Night photos of the square

Night photos are the best way to catch all the treasure of the city of Light and Vendome Square’s light at night is a wonderful place to take great pictures of Paris. The best way is to learn with a professional how to do the best night photography shooting.

5.) Louvre Museum

Don’t forget to visit the world’s largest museum and its famous masterpieces, such as the world famous Mona Lisa, The Victory of Samothrace, the Milo’s Venus or the coronation of Napoleon I.


Tips from insiders:

  • Do not hesitate to enter the Ritz, the Parisian top luxury hotel, opened in 1897 and which today will welcome you at one of its three bars. Amazing places to have a look at.
  • As you stand on Vendome Square, try to guess who the MYSTERIOUS MAN at the top of the column is.

Facts about the Vendome Square

This square was built under the reign of Louis XIV. The façade, drawn by the chief architect of King Mansart, was built first. Then, the king decided to sell the emplacement to Aristocrats. It was one of the first real estate investments of the kingdom. The aristocrats used to buy parts of the façade and then build mansions in the back. In the middle of the square was a statue of the Sun King.

However, in 1792 during the French revolution, the statue was destroyed. In 1810, Napoleon I asked Jean Goudoin and Jean Baptiste Lepère to build a column to pay a tribute to the military campaign of 1806.The column is inspired by the Trajan Column in Roma and is topped by a statue of the Emperor in Caesar. The column is made of bronze from the melting down of enemies’ canons found in the battlefields.

In 1898, César Ritz and Charles Escoffier founded the famous Ritz Hotel at number 15 of the Plaza. Coco Chanel used to live in this Palace. She loved Place Vendome and this is why the n°5 Channel bottle cap has the form of the square.

Nowadays, the Vendome square is the place to be for all the jewelers. All around the plaza, you find jewelry and most of the time their workshops are above the stores.

Vendome Square

A sightseeing tour of Paris must include a walk around this luxurious neighborhood, especially to the Vendôme Square, the heart of luxury in the world. Around this elegant and impressive square, you will find all the most famous jewelry stores in the world. It’s also the place where all the most famous palaces of Paris are, like The Ritz Hotel, for instance, where Coco Chanel used to live.



How to get there

By Metro:
Line 1, Tuileries Station

By Bus:
Line 72

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Opening Hours

Tuileries Garden:
April – May: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm
June – August: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm
September – March: 7:30 am to 7:30 pm
Open on mainly bank holidays.

Parisian shops:
Generally, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm. Be careful, many shops are closed on Sundays or even Mondays.

Louvre Museum:
Everyday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm; until 9:45 pm on Wednesday and Friday.

Near By


1.) Garnier Opera House:
Discover the oldest Opera House in Paris, built under the reign of Napoleon III. Understand why Paris became the place, which entertained the whole Europe at the end of the Nineteen-century.

2.) Champs Elysées:
Walk on the largest and most famous avenue in the world and do some shopping. Enjoy also a walk around the most famous landmarks of Paris such as Concorde Square, Arch of Triumph and the Grand Palais.

3.) Concorde Square:
Discover the largest square of Paris, and its Egyptian Obelisk. Enjoy the best view on Paris Landmarks!

Why it’s worth visiting

  • Seize the opportunity to walk on a plaza symbolizing Louis XIV’s reign, France’s greatest king.
  • See Paris most famous luxury hotel: The Ritz.
  • Admire the most expensive jewels in the world.
  • Enjoy the real heart of French elegance.