Top Romantic Spots in Paris


Here are five amazing things you can do in Paris

1.) Have a walk on the Pont Des Arts, Parisian Bridge of Love

This bridge is located in the heart of Paris, at the beginning of the Latin Quarter, and is among the most special spots of Paris. At first, you may wonder what those thousands of lockers hanged on the barrier are about but then a local may explain you – or you may spot locals hanging their own lockers – this bridge is all about sealing the love you bear to your partner… So thanks to the colors and the shapes of the lockers the bridge is marvelous and having a walk on it will always be intense.

2.) Enjoy a walk on the narrow streets of Paris

Enjoy a walk in the narrow Parisian streets with just a small group of tourists and a native who will show you the way and the most beautiful places. Paris is a magic city as you may know. You just have to choose the district you want to visit and to head yourself into the streets of the capital city. From the lively student neighborhood to the trendy Marais or even – who knows? – A highly romantic Evening River Tour, you can be sure you are about to spend a perfect time in Paris.

3.) Montmartre by night

The Sacré Coeur may be over-crowded all day long but Montmartre remains a great treasure. Come back on top of the hill at night, sit on the stairs leading to the well-known church and then have a look to the city. At night, Paris is the perfect city. It is beautiful, preserved, unique and nearly unreal. You simply cannot miss it.

4.) Make your way into Paris Parks and Gardens

Strolling around the Parisians parks and gardens will always be a good idea and will always be among the top romantic things to do in Paris. The Luxembourg Garden, the Palais Royal Garden, the Tuileries Garden and all the Parisian tiny parks will welcome you during the day as well as at night for some of them. You can sit on the bench, enjoy the view and the atmosphere and feel as part of the crowd?

5.) Find the perfect restaurant

When you are in France, you have to taste French food. But when you are in France with your partner, you have to find good restaurants. From the tiny ones you can find at nearly every street corner to the most luxurious ones you can find in the guide books, just make sure you find one which suits your taste! We advise you to choose one which has a great view as well as one which will have a great and intimate atmosphere… Why not try ‘La Tour d’Argent’, Paris’ best restaurant?

Insider’s tips:

  • Do not fear the “cliché” afternoon / evening if you do not fear the crowd, which is always better than an over-rated unknown spot.
  • Book your restaurant in advance in order to avoid disappointment.
  • Check what is going on in Paris during your trip and do not miss any major event.


There is no other city in the world where you could experience romantic histories that much. When you are here on the narrow streets at night or even during the day with the pleasant Parisian sun or even under the rain, you just feel out of the world and out of time. As Parisians, we are lucky enough to know the best places to fall in love or simply to have a walk with the person you love… And I can tell you will never be short of that kind of places in Paris! From Montmartre to the Pont des Arts or even the greatest restaurants, Paris is definitely my City of Love.



How to get there

Pont des Arts:
Metro Louvre Rivoli, Line 1 (yellow)

Abbesses, Line 12 (dark green); Anvers, Line 2 (dark blue)

Pont Alexandre III:
Invalides, Line 13 (blue) and 8 (pink); Champs-Elysees Clemenceau, Line 13 (blue) and 1 (yellow)

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Near By


1.) Enjoy a Boat Cruise on the River Seine:
At sunset or sunrise, the Parisian light is unique and will always make the River Banks and the landmarks even more beautiful than they are.

2.) Spend an evening in a jazz club:
Spend an evening in a jazz club and enjoy some great music as well as a felted atmosphere…

3.) Do not miss the Parisian sunset:
Make your way to the Pont Alexandre III when the sun starts to go down and spend some unforgettable minutes surrounding the River banks.

Why it’s worth visiting

  • Because Paris is one of the most preserved and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A perfect place for lovers and for romantic holidays in Europe!
  • In order to feel out of time and to enjoy the most beautiful landmarks.
  • Because Paris has always attracted all the artists who were looking for artistic inspiration and for love, which makes Paris today a top romantic place for movies director, novelists, painters, poets, photographs…