Paris Walking Tours


Here are five of the best Paris Walking Tours

1.) Discover Paris Landmarks

From Garnier Opera House to Concorde Plaza, discover the center of Paris. First, walk around the Opera neighborhood where Paris used to entertain the whole Europe 150 years ago. Afterwards, from Rue de la Paix to Vendome Plaza, you can visit a very luxury neighborhood of Paris where you will find the most famous jewelry shops. On Vendome Plaza, discover the finest of Paris elegance. Finish your tour in the Tuileries garden, between the Louvre Museum and the Concorde plaza. There you will be able to appreciate the most famous view of Paris, starting with the Louvre Museum and ending at the Arch of Triumph.


2.) Montmartre Tour

Enjoy a fun walking tour around the “little village” of Paris. In this world famous neighborhood of Paris, discover the Romantic Paris and understand why many artists used to live there, such as Dalida among many others.


3.) Latin Quarter

The student neighborhood which dates from the Middle Ages is a great area to have a walk. Discover the narrow streets with cafés and bookshops all around the Sorbonne University. End the tour near the Pantheon, where all the most famous French heros and historical figures are buried.


4.) Le Marais

Discover the trendiest neighborhood in Paris. This old aristocratic area has been the place for the Jewish community in Paris. Then, a few decades ago, it also became the gay neighborhood in Paris. Nowadays, this place continues to embrace both diversity and syncretism, while being one of the liveliest areas of Paris. It is also one of the best places to go shopping, as it is full of stylish shops in which you can meet plenty of designers.


5.) Walk along the River Seine

From Notre Dame to the Louvre Museum, take a stroll around the City island (L’île de la Cité) and along the River Seine. Learn about all the mysteries of the Cathedral and then go deeper into the history of Paris. This neighborhood has got a lot of little secrets to tell as well as bloody stories, which made the history of France.

Insider’s tips:

  • The walking tours company often have some partnerships with Paris boat cruises companies for instance and will offer you attractive discounts at the end of tours (for concerts, cruises, or plays in Paris).
  • No need to book, tours are every day, rain or shine.


The best way to discover Paris is definitely a walking tour. The center of Paris is not that big and it is, therefore, the ideal way to discover the city of Light. Moreover, a walk around Paris offers you the opportunity to discover some incredible places. It also is the best way to feel Paris’ spirit and to have fun meeting Parisians. We cannot recommend these tours highly enough!



  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Attractions Near By


St Chapelle

Go to a classical concert in Sainte Chapelle. You can book 30 minutes before the beginning of the concert. Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Schubert… they all will be an experience for a lifetime.

How to get there:
Line 4, Cité Station, or Saint-Michel Notre Dame station
(Also Rer B and C)


Go to a “Vedette du Pont-Neuf” boat cruise, because a Paris experience is not complete until you cruise the river Seine. A great overview of Paris and a lovely cruise.

How to get there:
Line 4, Cité Station or line 7, Pont-Neuf Station.

Why it’s worth trying

  • Nobody can make you discover Paris and go behind the scenes of the city better than Parisians themselves.
  • Discover Walks company does not charge you anything before the tour. You are free to tip as much as you have enjoyed the tour at the end.
  • The local guides in Paris are here for you. You can ask them whatever question you want about Paris.