Paris Marais


Here are five amazing things you can do around Paris Marais

1.) Paris Marais Walking Tour

If you wish to discover some of the most famous aristocratic mansions in the area while learning about the history of this neighborhood this Free tour is the answer. You will also get great tips on where to eat and where to shop around the area.

2.) Have a picnic at La Place Des Vosges

There is no better way to feel like a true Parisian than enjoying a break from your touristic walking at the Place des Vosges. This is a great place for sightseeing as well, as it is surrounded by wonderful buildings and fancy shops.

3.) Visit the Musee Carnavalet

In a beautiful old mansion, discover the museum of the history of Paris. This free museum present an interesting collection of pieces from several periods, such as the prehistorical boat found decades ago in Paris or famous paintings of The French Revolution.

4.) Tea time at L’Institut Suedios

(11 rue de Payenne 75003 Paris): the Swedish institute is a wonderful old mansion in a quiet street. Enjoying a tea break there is your best option for a peaceful moment in the centre of Paris, far from the crazy traffic and all the tourists! Fresh, traditional and delicious Swedish cakes and pastries every day (except Mondays) from 12h to 18h.

5.) A walk in the Hotel De Sully

The entrance to this wonderful palace-like building in the centre of Paris is free. It used to be the mansion of the prime minister of the king Henri IV, Sully. The building is an incredible example of the Renaissance style.

Insider’s tips:

  • On Rue du Roi-de-Sicile, you will have the best second-hand shops. You can also look for one of the Freep’star or even go to a second-hand shop which sells clothes according to their weight: Kilo-Shop, Rue de la Verrerie.
  • On Place des Vosges, you will simply be surrounded by history. From Victor Hugo to famous artists, every (wealthy) Parisian wants to leave there. Do not miss #13, Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s mansion.
  • Have a look at the Synagogue designed by Guimard on 1912 in the Rue Pavée. A beautiful and historical hidden treasure.

Facts about the Paris Marais

In English “Le Marais” means The Marsh. In fact, the whole neighborhood used to get flooded every winter, until the 1600’s at least. Luckily, at the end of the 1600’s, the riverbanks were consolidated and the flooding ended. In 1605, the king Henri IV built the Place des Vosges, starting a huge urban development. Le Marais became an aristocratic neighborhood with mansions (Hôtels particuliers).

During all the 1700’s, the neighborhood was the centre of the aristocracy in Paris. However, in 1680, Louis XIV (the Sun King) moved to Versailles and the aristocracy followed him. Thus, this area lost its appeal. At the end of the 19-century, this neighborhood welcomed many Eastern European Jews and nowadays it continues to be a centre of the Paris Jewish community, where you can find great shops and restaurants, such as Chez Marianne. After WWII, Le Marais vanished: It became cramped with tons of workshops. Fortunately, in 1962 the Culture Minister Malraux passed a law for the renovation of historical neighborhoods, such as Le Marais.

Nowadays, this area is a trendy place with galleries, fashion shops and cafés. During the past decade, it also became a center for the Gay community. Indeed, Le Marais is a place of diversity and cosmopolitan.

Paris Marais

A Paris sightseeing tour must include a visit to Le Marais. If you want to discover the most stylish shops and see the best dressed Parisians, while enjoying some sinful pastries at the quirkiest little tea shops, Le Marais is the place to go. Walking around the neighborhood you will also discover ancient buildings, some of the most beautiful Gardens of Paris and a picture opportunity in every corner.



How to get there

By Metro:
Station Saint Paul, Line 1

By Bus:
Lines 76 or 96

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Opening Hours

Many attractions we’ve presented you in this article are only opened during the day or just a part of the night. But it does not mean you should not make your own way to Le Marais streets at night! Indeed, it is both a safe and fun neighborhood to spend a night in.

Near By

Notre Dame

1.) Notre Dame Cathedral:
Visiting this Cathedral is like going back in time to the Middle Ages. Enjoy a Free Walking Tour with a local and discover all the mysteries of the Cathedral.

2.) Pompidou Center:
Visit the museum of modern Art of Paris with the biggest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe. Discover also the incredible architecture of the museum, which was quite controversial when the museum first opened in 1977.

3.) Village St Paul:
Near Le Marais, walk around the village St Paul, a hidden little neighborhood in Paris where you can find shops and cafés. In this quiet place you will enjoy all the intimacy of Le Marais.

Why it’s worth visiting

  • Le Marais is the most fashionable neighborhood in Paris not only because of the trendy designers but also because of the second-hand shops. Do not miss the opportunity to dress in a unique way!
  • Le Marais is not just about fashion. When you will have a walk further than the trendy area of the neighborhood, you will find beautiful hidden mansions, parks, gardens and wonderful plaza. You can lose yourself in the narrow streets but if you do so, maybe you would not even want to leave them…