Paris in November


Here are five amazing things you can do in Paris in November

1.) Parisian Flea Markets

Parisian Flea Markets are definitely some of the best places to shop in Paris. The warehouses and streets are full of vintage accessories, clothing and unique antiques. Saint Ouen, one of the most famous flea markets in the world, is a real city-within-the-city full of treasures and secrets. So we strongly advice you to join the Paris Flea Market Walking Tour with a local guide to discover the hidden secrets and make your tour a great shopping experience.


2.) Centre Georges Pompidou: Enjoy music, performances and many other activities

Famous for its eccentric architecture and exciting cultural exhibitions and events the Pompidou Museum is a cultural center which you cannot miss in your next visit to Paris. On the one hand the architecture is simply amazing; on the other it is also a nice place to enjoy a break with friends simply because of the numerous independent artists who perform on its front yard.


3.) Evening River Tour (Tour the Great River Seine)

The heart of Paris is a wonderful island, “L’île de la cité”, which reveals much more of its beauty at sunset. Mysteries, legends and breathtaking views of Paris would be shown to you by a local guide during the Free Evening River Walking Tour. Don’t miss it!


4.) Tuileries Garden

Parks and gardens are a nice place to go to during the winter in Paris. On the Seine banks you will find the Louvre, the Plaza Concorde and the Tuileries Garden, which offer an eye popping view of the main landmarks in Paris. Perfect for an afternoon family stroll, you can do like the locals and grab one of the public green chairs to enjoy the sunny or snowy days of November in Paris.


5.) Photo Workshops (Capture Your Best Moments in Paris)

The combination of November snow and sun make Paris glow! So why not appreciate and remember the moment thanks to a great Paris Photo Workshop. Learn or improve your photographic skills with a local guide that will show you the perfect places to capture your best views of Paris!

Sightseeing in Paris in November


If you want to enjoy Paris in November, then visit the Rue Montorgueil neighborhood. As one of Paris’ permanent market streets, you will find almost everything here from the pastry shops and bistros to the boutiques and bars. Parisians will also tell you that it’s got some of the best fish and meat markets in Paris, no wonder it’s called the farmers market. It is also a good place to meet and interact with real Parisians, as many of them visit the market for Christmas shopping.

Events in Paris in November


November 11th: Armistice (End of WWI, Germany is defeated)
The 11th of November is the day of the commemoration of the end of World War II. For French people, it is a day to celebrate national memory and pride.


Tennis Paris Bercy
For people keen on tennis, the Paris Bercy tennis tournament is for you! As one of the last championships of the season, the tournament shows you the cream of the crop of the ATP ranking. Do not forget to buy your tickets in advance as they sell out quickly.


Month of Photography in Paris
In November the city attracts a lot of independent photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, simply because November is the Month of Photography in Paris. So if you are one of these or simply curious about this art, visit one of the exhibitions that are offered and keep your eyes wide open in the streets, you might be surprised by street art!

I love Paris in November, as you can feel the atmosphere of Christmas coming. And there are so many things to do in Paris in November! I go shopping for Christmas presents in the magnificent Parisian mall “Galleries Lafayette” and then have a warm break in a Café near Notre Dame. It is a month when you can have nice family strolls in snowy and quiet gardens too, my favorite one is the Tuileries Gardens because of all the landmarks it showcases.



Weather in Paris in November


Average temperature:
Min 5° C / 41° F
Max 10° C / 50° F

Average no. of rainy days: 16

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Attractions in Paris in November


Orsay Museum


Moulin Rogue


Arc de Triomphe

Free Events in Paris in November:

  • Foire de Paris New Trends Fair:
    The autumn fair in Paris is about trends, tasting and curiosity! You will be surprised by the artists, the new trends of the season and even the gardening or cooking events. Let yourself be guided by the autumn Parisian spirit!
  • Photography Fair:
    The Photography Fair showcases new photography products, techniques and images. This event is an opportunity to learn from professionals, to keep up with the latest technology or simply to appreciate this art.
  • Independent Wine Makers Fair:
    In November after all the harvesting, French wines become the center of attention. Enjoy all kinds of French wine and meet winemakers from all over France in the “Salon des vignerons indépendants” (Fair of independent winemakers).