Paris in February


Here are five amazing things you can do in Paris in February

1.) The Louvre Museum

Too cold to do anything outdoors and afraid of the rain? This is the best time to visit the Mona Lisa at Le Louvre. This museum is so big and interesting that you could spend days in it looking at every single painting. So, when the rain comes, hide in this wonderful museum. As the Louvre has so much to offer, make sure to prepare your visit before: some masterpieces aren’t to be missed, the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, the Victory of Samothrace and the Delacroix’ room. If you wish to avoid the long queue, we advise you to enter the Louvre through the metro exit Caroussel du Louvre (metro station: Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre; lines 1 and 7).


2.) Photo Workshops in Paris

If you like taking pictures but you don’t know how to shoot a winter scene, then you might need a professional to help you take the best pictures of Paris in February. This photo workshop will show you how to take pictures and how to develop them, but it will also bring you to the best landmarks and show you the best views of Paris. February brings the best light in Paris, so if you want to take winter pictures in Paris, February is definitely the month to do it.


3.) Versailles Palace

During the winter can you imagine a better place to visit than the great hall of mirrors, in Versailles? The last residence of the king of France is truly breathtaking and full of masterpieces; the castle takes you back to the luxurious life of French nobility. You will discover the most beautiful French gardens designed by LeNotre. We can assure you that you will have a nice afternoon between the castle and the gardens.


4.) Latin Quarter Tour

In February the students of La Sorbonne university go back to school. What a better time to visit the student neighborhood than when students are happy and enjoying their return to school. The Latin Quarter is famous for its diversity, its history and its day and nightlife. You might be interested in a guided tour which will show you the best places in the Latin Quarter. If you are staying in a hotel in this area, the Left Bank tour will help you discover your neighborhood.


5.) Ice skating in front of the City Hall

In February Parisians get tired of the cold so they try to look at the bright side: you can ice-skate. Thanks to the City Hall, every winter in Paris you can ice-skate in front of its marvelous building. You can skate with your friends and also enjoy the beautiful place that surrounds the ice rink. Since you’re in the center of Paris, when you get tired you will be able to drink a hot chocolate or shop on the Rivoli street.

Sightseeing in Paris in February


In Paris there is one landmark that many locals dislike: the Montparnasse tower. We are used to saying that this tower is “the verruca of Paris”. But even if this modern tower is not characterized by its beautiful architecture, it does offer one of the most splendid views of Paris. The last floor of this skyscraper is entirely dedicated to visitors wishing to see Paris. You can even eat up there while admiring the view. This could be a memorable lunch, French food at the top of Paris, an incredible experience!

Paris Walking Tours in February:

The riverbanks of Paris have always been important for the city’s history and economy but also daily life. These banks are really the spinal column of the city. In February, the winter light gives the most beautiful colors to the river and the banks. It is absolutely lovely to walk along the river and discover all the landmarks of Paris. If you’re interested in the history of Paris, a guided tour will explain to you every story that happened on these river banks. If you follow this walking tour, you will never see the river nor Paris the same way.

Events in Paris in February


Valentine’s Day
February 14th is the international day for people in love to celebrate, even more so in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Can you imagine a more unforgettable Valentine’s Day than the one you may spend in the city of love?


La Chandeleur (Candlemas)
Catholics believe that “la Chandeleur” is when Jesus returned to Jerusalem. In France, the tradition is to make crêpes and share them with your family and friends.

February is a month when you wear all the clothes you can in order to enjoy the winter activities, ice skating, snow fights, and spending hours in coffee-shops. In February in Paris, it feels like the cold is, on one hand, your worst enemy and on the other your best friend. And there are so many things to do in Paris in February!



Weather in Paris in February


Average temperature:
Min 3° C / 35.6° F
Max 8° C / 46.4° F

Average no. of rainy days: 14

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Attractions in Paris in February


Musée de Cluny


Le Butte Chaumont


La Comédie Française


Champs de Mars and Eiffel Tower

Free Events in Paris in February:

  • Agriculture Fair
    Every February, Paris hosts an amazing carnival. The whole city celebrates this event, it’s a great opportunity to have fun and admire the beautiful costumes.
  • Agriculture National Meeting
    In February the biggest meeting of French agriculture and farmers takes place in Paris. It is a great opportunity to discover the products of French farmers and to try some delicious dishes.
  • Free meal at Tribal Café
    The bar Tribal Café, offers a free meal every Wednesday and Friday when you buy a drink. A good plan to have a fun, cheap night out.