Paris in December


Here are five amazing things you can do in Paris in December

1.) Notre Dame Walk

Feel the spirit of Christmas around the Notre Dame Cathedral! The area is full of mysteries and tales that take you back to the Middle Ages when Paris was nothing more than a village. The gothic cathedral hides secrets that you should not miss! I advise you to join a Free Walking Tour with a local guide that will tell you incredible stories about Notre Dame.


2.) Christmas Classical Music Concert (With Special Christmas Choir) in the Holy Chapel

The Holy Chapel is an outstanding gothic church in the heart of Paris near the Notre Dame Cathedral. In December, the Christmas joy fills in this sacred place which is an exceptional visual experience, but also a perfect place for Classical music concerts thanks to its great acoustic quality: it makes the performances simply awe-inspiring! Plus, the Christmas Choir singing in this unique place is an incredible event that will make your Christmas holidays in Paris even more unforgettable!


3.) Marais Walking Tours

What about a beautiful view of Parisian streets and parks under the snow? Explore the Trendy Marais with a local guide in a walking tour! You will discover this unique Parisian district and find out hidden secrets of the Parisian life and history. Marais’s shops, restaurants and town-houses get transformed during the winter period and reflect the magic of Christmas!


4.) Enjoy a Boules Game in the Park

Who says a Boule Game was just a summer game? Parisians love it so much that they can play it in every season, snow and cold weather would not stop them! When in Paris, do as Parisians do: try a game of “petanque” during the winter! We would recommend you to join some French players and experience the charm of this sport. Petanque is a unique way to learn more about French culture. If you want to play a boule game as if you were a native Parisian, you should get a boule game’s guide.


5.) Gare Du Nord – The busiest railway station in Europe

The frenetic life of Christmas can bring you to the most crowded Railway station in Europe: Gare du Nord (Paris North Station). It is the heart of an amazing dense network as it connects the largest cities of Europe. This station can brings you to wherever you want in Europe! Why not a stop in Prague, Barcelona or London after your Christmas holidays in Paris?

Sightseeing in Paris in December


Place de la Madeleine
Christmas is right around the corner, and the Madeleine plaza would be a wonderful stop over on your list! It is very well known for its neo-classical temple, la Madeleine, and its numerous gourmet food shops. Enjoy some nice classical concerts, pop into Chez Flottes for a biting, and buy some fine wine/whiskey from the specialty shops! December is usually an exciting time in Paris, with trees and streets decorated, and the Madeleine plaza would be a really nice place to watch people as you eat or drink.

Events in Paris in December


Christmas – December 24th: Mass at Notre Dame
On the 24th, the most important mass takes place at Notre Dame, right in the heart of Paris. There is no need to make a reservation to attend this moment of communion and joy. Celebrating Christmas in Paris and especially at the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral will make your stay simply unforgettable.


Marchés de Noël: (Christmas Markets)
The City of light in winter is lively and charming thanks to the most famous and largest Christmas market. It stretches from Place de la Concorde to the Champs Elysees. The Christmas market in Paris offers a unique winter stroll around wood chalets offering specialties from different Regions of France.

I love Paris during Christmas time. It is just wonderful to see the city with all of its Christmas decorations in a charming and joyful atmosphere. And there are so many things to do in Paris in December: ice skating in front of the City Hall and then taking a warm break with a hot chocolate inside a Café with family and friends are some of my favorite activities in winter. In my opinion, Paris reveals all its charm and beauty in December!



Weather in Paris in December


Average temperature:
Min 3° C / 37.4° F
Max 7° C / 44.6° F

Average no. of rainy days: 16

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Attractions in Paris in December


Notre Dame Cathedral


Rodin Museum


Champs Elysees

Free Events in Paris in December:

  • Holidays City Illuminations:
    Visitors in Paris at Christmas will enjoy the City of light turned into a magic light show. Christmas decorations and lights embellish the city and specially the Champs Elysees!
  • Fine Tastes & Foods Fair:
    Do you want to become a real French cook or discover the secrets of Parisians cuisine? Then the great exhibition “Salon saveur des plaisirs gourmands” (Fair of tasty delights for gourmands) is for you! French Cooking Classes with a French chef could also be an interesting option if you wish to wow your family at the Christmas dinner!