Paris in August


Here are five amazing things you can do in Paris in August

1.) Le Palais De Tokyo

In spite of its name, the Tokyo Palace has nothing to do with Tokyo or even with Japan: it’s the Museum of Contemporary Art of Paris. It is one of the best museums to visit in August. Besides the art collection, which is extraordinary, when you’ve seen enough modern art, you can go get a drink on the terrace or enjoy its great restaurant. Access by metro (station Iéna: line 9).


2.) An afternoon tour in Paris

Paris is a big city where it is quite easy to get lost. But don’t worry; in a few hours, you will be able to find your own way. How is it possible? By walking! The first time that you get out of the metro, you will probably have no idea where you are or where you came from. However, if you just start walking around the city, you will quickly begin to recognize landmarks, street, or shops which will remind you where you are. If you’re afraid of getting lost while walking by yourself, there are special Guided Tours with Local Guides which can help you feel like a born and raised Parisian in no time!


3.) Versailles Castle

Parisians usually avoid visiting touristic landmarks; they rarely go to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame or Montmartre. However, Parisians love spending their weekends at the Versailles Castle, particularly around its gardens. Versailles is the kind of place that you never get tired of, you could spend hours in the castle, in front of the fountains or having a picnic and relaxing in the gardens… (Access by RER C, station: Versailles).


4.) Cooking like a French chef

We could say that food is to France what the queen is to United Kingdom… quite special and symbolic of our culture. In fact, French cuisine is well-known all around the world, and if you are a gourmet, you should definitely try and learn about the local cuisine. First of all, you should enjoy a meal in a French restaurant (the best ones are given stars by the Michelin guide). If you want to go further and become a “cordon bleu”, you should try a French Cooking Class.


5.) Les Halles

“Les Halles” is the name of the biggest shopping mall located in the center of Paris.There you will find numerous stores, but you will also find cultural events, music, and cinemas. Many street artists use “Les Halles” as a stage for their performances. The biggest cinema of Paris is there too, next to the museum of the cinema of Paris. Around “Les Halles”, you’ll find plenty of international restaurants as well. Just one warning: beware of pickpockets around this area.

Sightseeing in Paris in August


August in Paris is the warmest and most crowded month. So trust us, you will be looking for a nice and quiet place to enjoy a walk in the shade. The “Buttes de Chaumont” is the perfect place for that kind of afternoon. These hills are not only the biggest and most traditional park in Paris but also a beautiful place where Parisians like to go for a walk or just lay in the grass and enjoy a nice book. When the sun falls you should go to “La Belleviloise”, where you can spend a fun night with locals. (Metro: Buttes Chaumont: line 7bis, and for “La Belleviloise”: metro Menilmontant: line 2)

Paris Walking Tours in August


Did you know Paris used to be just the two islands in the middle of the Seine? These islands are nowadays the most romantic neighborhood in Paris. In August, when summer is at its best in Paris, the tiny medieval streets of St Louis Island and l’île de la cité are ideal to take a stroll into the historical heart of Paris. St Louis Island is less touristic, so you’ll be more at ease to walk wherever it pleases you. These islands are even more popular in August as you’ll be able to enjoy the traditional and internationally famous ice-cream of Berthillon.

Events in Paris in August


Paris Prage
In August, the banks of the river Seine are covered with sand and they become a real beach in the heart of Paris. Pools and beach games are there to refresh you during the hottest days of August.


The Celebration of the Assumption
The 15th of August is the Christian celebration of the Assumption. You’ll be able to enjoy the big procession which starts in the heart of Paris in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

In August I always try to be on holidays to enjoy the city as much as possible, because there are so many things to do in Paris in August. I like to spend this month with my friends sunbathing in the park or on the terrace of a café. I never get tired of walking along the river Seine as I find the sight of the water refreshing.



Weather in Paris in May


Average temperature:
Min 13° C / 55.4° F
Max 22° C / 71.6° F

Average no. of rainy days: 11

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Attractions in Paris in August


Place Des Vosges


Moulin Rouge


St Germain Des Pres

Free Events in Paris in August:

  • The forest celebrations
    Every August there is a celebration in the Bois de Vincennes, a famous wood in the south east of Paris. This is definitely worth a visit as it is a traditional event where you’ll get to see young locals having fun.
  • Tango on the Riverbanks
    At the metro station Jussieu on the riverbank, tango classes are offered for free. Can you imagine a better place than the Seine riverbank at sunset to improve your tango skills?
  • “Quartier d’été” Summer Performing Arts festival
    Every August in Paris the City Hall organizes a music festival which offers free concerts, plays and dance shows in parks and gardens around Paris.