Paris in April


Here are five amazing things you can do in Paris in April

1.) Notre Dame Tour

In the heart of Paris on “L’île de la cite”, the magnificent Cathedral Notre Dame is even more beautiful in April when all the Japanese cherry blossom trees are blooming! Gothic art is at its best on this unique Cathedral. The neighborhood is historically and culturally rich and full of stories and tales. We advise you to join the free Notre Dame Walking Tour to be able to discover the hidden secrets of Notre Dame!


2.) Disneyland Resort Paris Tour

Make your day in Paris a fairytale and visit Disneyland Paris! Children and adults enjoy the day in this world of magic and fun. Disney is a real village with tons of rides and also restaurants, hotels, golf course, etc. Easy to access, the park is a real opportunity to dive into this whole different world!


3.) Parisian Landmarks Tour

If you don’t want to miss the Parisian Landmarks you should definitely go on this free guided tour! The Paris Landmarks Walking Tour makes you discover the countless stunning sights of Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Vendome Plaza, Opéra, etc. Plus the guide is a born and raised Parisian so the city won’t have secrets for you anymore!


4.) Place De La Concorde

The Concorde Plaza is the largest square in Paris. It is surrounded by famous buildings like the Grand Palais and the French Parliament. On the middle, the impressive Obelisk of Paris dominates the square.


5.) Paris Fun Cooking Class

You have heard so much about the French cuisine that you wish you could cook like a real Parisian? Then join a Fun Cooking Class and learn how to make simple French dishes with your friends. Fun and good food guaranteed!

Sightseeing in Paris in April

Cemetery Pere Lachaise
Now this is one beautiful place you should totally see! In April, the Cemetery comes alive with blossoming flowers, and if you visit it early in the morning, the morning fog will for sure give you a whole new atmosphere of amazing landscapes and hills which are well maintained. Also, in the mornings is when you will get to meet real Parisians around this area as not too many people go here, so you can have a chat with the locals, born and bred in Paris. It might be a little strange walking here, but with the beauty and respect accorded to this huge Cemetery, you will be glad you went. Have some good walking shoes on, as there are many hills, and enjoy a pretty quiet, memorable time!

Events in Paris in April


Celebrate Easter at the Notre Dame Cathedral with the relics of the thorn of the crown, and see images of what Christ did during his 40 days on earth after his resurrection. Bells stop ringing for the 3 days Christ lied down in His grave. Also, do what Parisians do: play the chocolate Easter hunt!


Foire du trône
As one of the oldest traditional Fairs in Paris, the number of visitors continues to increase each year. Fun rides for children, teenagers and adults are countless and the fun is guaranteed!


Marathon de Paris
The Paris Marathon is the most famous and biggest race in Paris. Thousands of participants gather under the Arch de Triomphe to start a long 42 kilometers race. Exhibitions about this historical event and also about sport in general, are numerous.

I live just at the bottom of the hill of Montmartre. So April is for me the end of rainy weather and the beginning of nice and sunny evenings spent on the top of the hill of Montmartre. Paris changes with spring, nature wakes up and so do I! I go to work by public bikes again, the “Vélib”, I love it! And there are so many other things to do in Paris in April!



Weather in Paris in April


Average temperature:
Min 7° C / 44.6° F
Max 15° C /59° F

Average no. of rainy days: 12

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Attractions in Paris in April


Versailles Palace


Pont Neuf


Palais Royal Gardens

Free Activities in Paris in April

  • “Spring in the street” festival of street art:
    As the festival of street art, the “Spring of the streets” is a real opportunity to join the Parisian “joie-de-vivre”, the French joy of living. Paris at this time is lively and animated. People express themselves through art and the result is stunning!
  • Choir singing week:
    The week of the Choir is the moment when you can discover the talent of 25 choirs coming from all over France. This Choir Festival is the best moment to learn about the rich and diversified French culture through music and melody. 7 nights of performances!
  • Sustainable development week:
    The week of the sustainable development is full of demonstrations and free entrance to meetings, exhibitions and activities. Paris is now moving towards this new area of sustainable development and green actions. Rent a public bike for an hour to visit Paris. A green and fun initiative that Parisians love!