Moulin Rouge


Here are five amazing things you can do around the Moulin Rouge

1.) Montmartre Walking Tour

To a Parisian, the picturesque district of Montmartre is different from any other place in Paris. Only a native could explain you why Picasso, Van Gogh and Edith Piaf made Montmartre their home.

Explore the eccentric lifestyles of current and former residents, discover why the locals are so proud of their peculiar vineyard and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Montmartre – do not miss the best view of Paris.

2.) Get a portrait at the Place Du Tertre

On this little square, so famous and so representative of Montmartre, you will find many painters who can draw your portrait in a few minutes. It really is a nice experience, in a wonderful area of Paris.

3.) Go to the Montmartre Cemetery to meet Dalida and Zola

The peculiar atmosphere of the Montmartre cemetery makes it a haven to enjoy a break from all the touristic sightseeing. Here the shadows meet the light, in old tombs and graves, surrounded by creepers. Dalida, Emile Zola and Michel Berger, among others, are buried there. The soft light of the sunrise makes it even more spiritual if you want to enjoy a moment in a place where time seems to have stopped running…

4.) Get a Theatre ticket on the very lively Place De Clichy

You just have to choose between Le Méry and l’Européen, which are the two main theatres on the place Clichy, if you want to experience a French play. Indeed, they present young and dynamic artists such as Claudia Tagbo, who will definitely make you laugh, or cry, or both at the same time!

5.) Have lunch at L’ete En Pente Douce

This is probably the best restaurant of Montmartre: the atmosphere is very cozy and the food is great! The environment is beautiful as you are just a few meters from the Sacré Coeur and its gardens.


Insider’s tips:

  • Parisians do not go to the Moulin Rouge, as it is so expensive and a bit crowded. So if you want to be a true Parisian and to escape the crowd, go to the Moulin Rouge souvenirs shop on Rue Lepic, which is full of fabulous and typical objects to bring back home!
  • If you want to go to another cabaret on the hill, there are two things you should know:
    • The Moulin de la Galette (Renoir’s painting) does not exist anymore, even if you can still have a meal there.
    • You should try the Lapin Agile, near the very top of the hill. This cabaret is full of young talents! You can also perform on stage if you feel “inspired”…

Facts about the Moulin Rouge

The mythic Moulin Rouge opened in 1889, just at the beginning of the “Belle époque” (“The era of Optimism”). It was expected to become one of the most original places of the Parisian cultural life. Indeed, the architecture of the stage was revolutionary at the time and allowed quick changes of stage sets and shows.

During the joyful and festive nights it organized, people were astonished by the amazing performances of artists such as the “pétomanes”, clowns and others. But of course, the main attraction was the dancers and their legendary French Cancan! Some dancers remain icons in the history of the cabaret: La Goulue, Jane Avril and “Nini pattes en l’air” among others. They are the Parisian night spirit’s mythic institution’s landmarks.

The Moulin Rouge has also been an attractive place for artists and foreigners. At the beginning, people like the great painter Toulouse-Lautrec used to come here regularly. It was so cherished by foreigners that they tried to copy it. That is why you can encounter some other Moulin-Rouge-style cabarets in the world.

It is located near Montmartre and is therefore at the core of the emblematic Parisian cultural lifestyle. Nowadays the street outside the cabaret is not particularly appealing but the spirit of the cabaret itself remains as its popularity has only increased with time.

Moulin Rouge

The general consensus is undeniable: nothing embodies the spirit of Paris better than the Moulin Rouge. And indeed, this Parisian attraction has been the most emblematic place of the chic Parisian soirées for more than 120 years now. When Parisians visit this cabaret they remember every image and every song associated to it and they love the way their city shines around the world! Just at the bottom of Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge lights up the streets around. And even if it has lost a little of its magnificence, it is still such a wonderful Parisian landmark.”



How to get there

By Metro:
Station Blanche (line 2)

By Bus:
Lines 30 and 54
By Montmartrobus: Stop Pigalle

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Opening Hours

You can both eat and enjoy the show. Have a lunch at 1:30 pm and enjoy the 2:45 pm show or if you prefer, have dinner at 7:00 pm with another show at 9:00 pm.

Near By


1.) Montmartre Sacré Coeur:
The first time you arrive in front of this magnificent and modern basilica, you will feel all the beauty of the place and of Montmartre. The inner-church is beautiful, but the outer-church architecture and location makes it exceptional. Indeed, you will admire the domes reigning over Montmartre and one of Paris’ most magnificent landscapes.

2.) Montmartre’s vineyard:
The vineyards of Montmartre are typical of the neighborhood. They are a real pride for the locals as they are the most ancient ones in Paris.

3.) Trinity Church:
If you happen to find yourself in a predicament, you should definitely visit this church to pray Sainte Rita, the patron saint of desperate cases! Moreover, this church is quite impressive and the façade is truly flamboyant.

Why it’s worth visiting

  • The Moulin Rouge is by far the best and the most famous cabaret of the world.
  • Each new production costs around 9 million euro, which is an evidence of the quality of the show and of the dancers you can admire.
  • The Moulin Rouge is at the bottom of Montmartre, which is definitely a must see place, full of artists, history, and anecdotes.