Here are five amazing things you can do at Montmartre

1.) Paris Montmartre Walking Tour

Do you want to discover the backstage of Montmartre? If you join this free tour organized by locals, among other amazing things you will wander around the Abbesses, enjoy some of the best views of Paris while going up the hill and will come across the best French baguettes from award-winning bakeries.

2.) Savour the Petits Mitrons Delights

(26 rue Lepic 75018 PARIS): in this typical French ‘pâtisserie’ – you can’t call it a bakery because they don’t bake actual bread – you should definitely taste the chocolate-chunk cookies and if you have some space left try a slice of any kind of cake or tart… all are delicious! If you are in Paris at the beginning of January, definitely try the king cake, also known as ‘galette des rois’ in France.

3.) Have lunch at Cafe De La Butte

(71 rue Caulaincourt 75018 PARIS): in this authentic French café they will serve you traditional & delicious French food for extremely reasonable prices! If you really enjoy traditional French dishes, you should consider taking a Paris Cooking Class and learn to prepare some, while having lots of fun!

4.) Have a drink at Le Sancerre

(35 rue des Abbesses 75018 PARIS): this warm café, is the HQ of all trendy ‘Monmartrois’. Go there to have a chat with some friends, or to observe Parisians walking up and down the lively Abbesses Street. If you stay for a meal definitely try the three little burgers…

5.) Shop at Spree

(16 rue La Vieuville 75018 PARIS): Paris – the capital of fashion, but also the capital of art… this concept-store proves why! Opened by an Italian designer and her husband, Spree selects the very best of French fashion and hosts a contemporary art gallery at the front of the shop. It is now a reference in the neighborhood but also all over town.

Insider’s Tips

  • Avoid the Place du Tertre: It is both too crowded and full of what Parisian call “flying thieves”, who always are where you do not expect them to be and who will not miss the occasion to ask you some money…
  • Montmartre is a very touristic neighborhood, watch out to your belongings!
  • Don’t get trapped, do not sign any kind of petitions!

Facts about Montmartre

Montmartre is a true symbol of Paris and has only been part of the French capital since 1860. Before, it used to be a village on the outskirts of Paris; thus some taxation did not apply, notably on alcohol…

But Parisian rules most of the time did not apply as Montmartre was borderline – in every way! Penniless artists lived in this neighborhood while bourgeois wanting to mix with the riffraff were regulars…

This peculiar spirit was a great source of inspiration: among others, you could meet Toulouse Lautrec, Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir and Dali who has worked in Montmartre and depicted it.

However, nowadays, this neighborhood has changed a lot: cherished by the bobos – ‘bohemian bourgeois’, this area is much sought after and very expensive… But it remains a bit like the countryside within Paris, where people are relaxed. Take the time to appreciate life and savor French Gastronomy.


Having lived in the neighborhood for many years now, I particularly like it. I believe it is one of the best places to live in Paris, and anyone visiting Paris should come by this haven of peace, experience this lively area.



How to get there

By Metro:
Stations Anvers, Blanche, Pigalle & Abbesses Line 2, Dark blue
Line 12, dark green

By Bus:
Lines 30, 54, 67, 74, 80, 95 & Montmartrobus

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Opening Hours

Of course, you can wander in the streets day and night. Even though the bottom of the hill is not as pleasant as its top because of Pigalle’s neighborhood -Paris hot neighborhood-, Montmartre is always a great place to be in Paris.

If you are more interested in shopping in Montmartre, the shops open around 10 am and close around 7 pm. But the restaurants and all the bars are open until late at night!

Near By


1.) Sacré Coeur:
This basilica, not much appreciated by Parisians, is paradoxically a major landmark of Paris. On the forecourt of the culminating point of the French capital, you will get one of the best views of Paris!

2.) Moulin Rouge:
Probably the most famous cabaret in the world, if you want to discover the world-wide known French cancan, you should definitely plan a night there! Hard to be disappointed when you know that for every new production 69 songs are written, 100 dancers hired and 9 000 000€ spent!

3.) Musée de la Vie Romantique:
One of the most intimate museums in Paris, this is certainly… the most romantic! Go there to discover Georges Sand’s house and read under the shadows of the trees.

Why it’s worth visiting

  • For the breathtaking view of Paris.
  • To experience the countryside in the city.
  • To exercise!