Latin Quarter


Here are five amazing things you can do at the Latin Quarter

1.) Paris Left Bank Walking Tour

If you want to visit and to feel the particular atmosphere of this neighborhood, you can follow a local who will show you how Parisians live and enjoy this place. With this free tour, you will see how active this arrondissement is, thanks to all the universities it contains, and you will learn a lot about the history of this old neighborhood and also get many tips for other things to do in the area, the best restaurants and shops. More than just history and facts, you will also see the most beautiful places of this ancient and preserved neighborhood.

2.) A cafe on Place Saint Sulpice

This Parisian Plaza is really lively, full of shops, restaurants and cafés, also quiet, and pleasant. Here you can just sit and have a break, in front of one the most beautiful churches of Paris and appreciate the refreshing air brought by the fountain. After that, why not take a stroll in Rue des Canettes? This street is famous for its bars and restaurants, but also for its tiny shops.

3.) Find a restaurant on Rue Saint-Andre Des Arts

At lunchtime, this street is particularly dynamic. Full of restaurants and places to shop. If you want to find a good restaurant with typical French food, we advise you to go to the Allard, 41 rue Saint-André des Arts. You will not be disappointed: this is a great restaurant. Thanks to its delicious cuisine, the settings and the atmosphere, you will feel like a true Parisian enjoying a good meal in a great “bistrot”.

4.) Have a walk in the Luxembourg Garden

One of the most popular gardens in Paris, for both tourists and locals. Admire the sculptures, the fountains, discover the Senate, and enjoy one of the top romantic spots in Paris. If you are lucky, you will also hear a brass band playing. You will anyway be able to sit next to the fountain and watch children playing with their sailboats.

5.) Your evening at Paradis Latin

This is one of the oldest cabarets in Paris and one of the most famous. Here you can have a traditional dinner and taste the best French wines as well as champagne. You will also be able to admire fabulous dancers, a symbol of the Parisian nightlife which is all about pleasure and freedom. Both Kitsch and modern, you should go there and appreciate the show with your own eyes.

Facts About The Latin Quarter

The name Latin Quarter comes from the fact that Latin was the only language used at school during the Middle Ages and this neighborhood has been, for centuries, a Parisian area famous for its universities. From the diverse evolutions of the neighborhood to the birth of the Guillotine or even Cubism, this area is one of the most active and attractive of Paris.

The Latin Quarter is part of the heart of Paris: both an ancient and a beautiful district of the capital. It spreads across the 5th and 6th arrondissements of Paris, on the Left Bank of the River Seine. Nowadays, this is the student neighborhood of Paris, with more than 20 of the best schools and a university like Sorbonne.

Latin Quarter

Paris Latin Quarter is the place where Parisians tend to feel most at home. Here we like to take our time, have a cup of coffee and sit on a terrace with friends… This is a really pleasant and typical area of Paris, which makes it perfect for a break. This is also a famous neighborhood because of its night life! There are many bars and restaurants, so you will be free to choose whatever you want to see, to do or to eat.



How to get there

By Metro:
Station Odéon:
Line 4 (purple) and 10 (brown)

Station Maubert-Mutualité:
Line 10 (brown)

Station Jussieu:
Line 10 (brown) and 7 (pink)

By Bus:
Lines: 21, 27, 38, 58, 82, 84, 85, 87, 89, 96

Near By


1.) Pantheon:
This monument honors all the French people (Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo or Marie Curie) who have been part of our history.

2.) Notre Dame Cathedral:
Famous abroad because of Victor Hugo’s novel , this is also one the most well-known Gothic churches of Paris.

3.) Rue de la Huchette:
Almost exclusively pedestrian, this street is swarming with restaurants and bars, and a really busy nightlife.