Here are five amazing things to do around the Tibidabo

1.) Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Tibidabo Amusement Park is a magical and emblematic attraction of Barcelona. Located on a mountain, children and parents can enjoy an amazing view of the city and its surrounding forest whether they are at the restaurant… or in one of the 25 attractions!

While you are having fun, you will also learn about the history of one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Built in the beginning of the 20th century the park brings back to life the original Ferris Wheel, the classic Airplane and, of course, the charming old-fashioned Carrousel.

2.) CosmoCaixa

Barcelona has more than 80 museums. They all have a lot to offer, but none is as entertaining as the CosmoCaixa. This is a 30,000m² reconstruction of the Amazon rainforest where both young and old will learn interesting facts about natural sciences. You can take part in physical experiments, such as creating a micro sandstorm or experiencing being under the tropical rain. If getting soaked isn’t your cup of tea remember that there is also a large area which includes a cafeteria, restaurants and a picnic area, dedicated to hungry visitors. The museum will definitely surprise you, not only by its large supply of information and activities but also by its affordable prices.

3.) Funicular to the top

You think a bus ride is too mainstream? Then try the funicular!

Thanks to this charming and unusual mean of transportation you can discover another aspect of Barcelona throughout the 1152 meters ascent to the top of the hill. The way up offers a stunning view over the city and beyond. The Funicular connects the Doctor Andreu Plaza (the arrival of the Blue Tram) with the Amusement Park located at the top of Tibidabo, which you can also reach on foot provided that you have enough time and energy!

4.) Sagrat Cor

It may look like a castle but it is not. Come closer and you will discover a curious mixture of neo-Gothic and Modernist style. This very eloquent architecture gathers many elements of the Spanish cultural history and beliefs. Plus, whether you are religious or not, you will definitely not remain unmoved by the huge statue of Jesus on the very top of the church. As for the funicular, the panoramic view is just astonishing.

5.) Avenida Tibidabo

The path that leads to the top is also the place to be for the experienced night-clubbers of Barcelona. Among the 20th century mansions, you will find one of the most famous clubs in Barcelonan: the Danzatoria. A bit higher there is a lovely restaurant: the Mirablau Bar where you can enjoy local specialties while admiring the glittering city lights.

Placa Tibidabo

When a local says he wants to escape the bustle of the city, to unwind, or simply to take amazing photos, he’s probably headed for the Tibidabo


How to get there

By Train:
You have to take the Brown Line, L7 from Plaza de Catalunya, then take the Tramvia Blau up to the Funicular of Tibidabo train.

By Bus:
Take the bus T2A from Plaça Catalunya. (Bus stop on the corner of Pl. Catalunya and Rbla. Catalunya, in front of Caja Madrid bank). The bus runs from 10:15 am every day the Amusement Park is open.

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Why it’s worth visiting

  • Tibidabo is the very best example of Barcelona’s authenticity. While enjoying the stunning view, you can enjoy a ride in the old-fashioned funicular to visit the oldest of Barcelona’s funfair where the atmosphere is as natural as the forest around.