Plaça de Catalunyà


Here are five amazing things to do around Plaça de Catalunyà

1.) Have a look at Barcelona’s University

The University is located in a beautiful building and the emblem of the city reigns on its top. If you want to discover what it’s like to be a student in Barcelona, or if you wish to meet some students, this is obviously the best place to go.

2.) Listen to a concert at the Catalan Music Palace

This music palace is a wonderful place to listen to music and it offers plenty of concerts during the year. If you happen to love music and you have a free evening in Barcelona, do not hesitate to visit this place. If you don’t want to go inside the building just stay outside, the structure and the facade are just amazing, a clear example of the modernist Catalan style.

3.) Rest at the Rector Olivera Gardens

These gardens are so beautiful that you are likely to stay there once you have entered, caught by their charm. They are part of the hidden Barcelonan gardens tourists do not know about, and they’re definitely worth a visit.

4.) Walk down the pleasant and tiny street of the Tallers

This pedestrian street will give you the chance to find some shadow under the sun of Barcelona, except at midday when the sun reaches its zenith. It is a fresh street where little boutiques open every day and where you will surely find whatever you’re looking for, and above all take a pleasant stroll.

5.) Have a drink at the Hard Rock Cafe of Plaça de Catalunyà

Once you reach the plaza, you may want to rest a little and enjoy the view and the plaza itself. What could be a better solution to do all of this at once than going to this great café right on the plaza? Moreover, the Hard Rock café is internationally recognized and that represents a guarantee of high quality.

Insider’s tips:

  • Around Plaça Catalunya is the best place to go shopping. If you like well-known (expensive) brands, you’ve got Passeig de Gracia where you’re going to find all the international designers. If you’re looking for something more local and cheap, Carrer Pelai is your street.
  • Plaça Catalunya never sleeps so you can go there anytime, but we recommend you to go in the daylight, these days, even if it’s the city center, it’s not a good place to go at night.
  • While in Plaça Catalunya you have to find your way until Plaça dels Àngels. In this square is where the Contemporary Art Museum is located and is the favorite place for the skaters to practice. Also, it’s one of the squares where we the locals like to go to have a beer in the afternoon. It’s full of terraces and young people!

Facts about Plaça de Catalunyà

Before the XIX century and the destruction of the walls surrounding Barcelona, the Plaça de Catalunyà was not part of the city. It was located just outside of the walls and linked Barcelona with small towns nearby. Nowadays, those towns are integrated into the city as well as the Plaça de Catalunyà.

But the construction of the plaza started in 1889, for the universal exposition. Before this date, it was only a marketplace and people lived there, as it was also much smaller than it is now. The works lasted for 30 years and the plaza was finally inaugurated in 1929.

Since then, it has become the urban core of Barcelona. It is indeed the meeting point of four metro lines and of a great number of bus lines too, which come there day and night. It is located just next to important avenues of Barcelona such as the Passeig de Gracia and the Rambla.

Plaça de Catalunyà

When locals think of the Plaça de Catalunyà, two things immediately come to mind: that they are at the core of the city, as the plaza links the old city and the Eixample neighborhood, and that this square embodies the Catalan pride. Many metro lines and bus lines stop here as well, as it is quite a central location. This plaza is therefore very important to their heart as Barcelonans.


Opening Hours

Every day, all day long, as it is a public plaza.

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Near By

1.) Museum of contemporary art:
Most big cities have their own contemporary art museum and Barcelona is not the exception. Even if the collection presents pieces of art from all over the world, it includes quite a huge part of national art as there are many famous contemporary Spanish artists.

2.) Santa Lucia’s chapel:
Located in a very cozy and traditional neighborhood, this chapel reflects the soul of the old city. It is built between tiny pedestrian streets and it has a beautiful architecture. Surrounded by red buildings, it will enchant you when you wander around the city.

3.) San Antoni Market:
This old and famous covered market of Barcelona had been closed for repairs but is now open to the public again. It is a very traditional, picturesque place and you can buy anything you want there, from books to food!

Why it’s worth visiting

  • It is the urban core of Barcelona.
  • You can take a break here between two shopping sessions in the city.
  • You can go anywhere you want from here.
  • It embodies the Catalan pride.