La Ribera de Barcelona


Here are five amazing things to do around La Ribera

1.) Go shopping on Montcada Street

Walking down this typical street, you will understand what has made this neighborhood so powerful for three centuries. Indeed, it has kept a luxurious aspect and all the stores you encounter in the Montcada Street make it quite unique.

2.) Visit the basilica Santa Maria del Mar

Located south of the Ribera, the basilica Santa Maria del Mar is another reminder of the power and glory of the borough. It was indeed built as a symbol of the economic power of the district. The gothic architecture is splendid .If you like reading we recommend that you read the Catalan best seller, “The Cathedral by the sea” written by Ildefonso Falcones. It’s homage to the neighborhood and to this church.

3.) Have a look at the Gothic loge

This building really is a wonder of architecture. Some people think it is original and beautiful, some others think the eclectic style makes it ugly. In any case, the addition of a gothic structure and a neoclassical façade proves it has evolved through the ages and adapted to the new architectural styles. It once was the school of arts where Picasso studied.

4.) Visit the Picasso Museum

If you can only visit one museum in Barcelona, you should definitely go to this one! Both the works of art and the building itself make it a wonderful attraction. Imagine five gothic medieval palaces linked to form a museum in the famous Montcada Street, it is both exceptional and unforgettable. Here you will discover the first years of Picasso and the latest. (there are over 3500 pieces of art).

5.) Visit the Born District

It is said to be a different district from the Ribera but both of them are actually quite similar.

The Born is just part of the Ribera district and it is also a very lively and historical gothic neighborhood.

Facts about La Ribera

The Ribera is the near the gothic district of Barcelona. The neighborhood used to be the economic center of Barcelona between the XIII and the XV centuries. The Montcada Street shows reminders of this golden age of the Ribera. It’s full of palaces of that time and one of those is the actual Museo Picasso of Barcelona. Picasso used to live in this neighborhood and the atmosphere of La Ribera really touched him. If you want to know everything about Picasso and Barcelona you can take this walking tour: Picasso’s Barcelona – La Ribera Tour. Indeed, there you can find many luxurious little stores you would not see anywhere else in Barcelona. The Basilica Santa Maria del Mar was built so that the locals could show off their wealth. In a way, it is a relic of a past age.

After the war of succession, in 1714, half of the neighborhood was destroyed so as to build the Citadel’s fortress as well as the defensive esplanade surrounding it. Since then, the neighborhood has lost much of its power and influence over the city. The last architectural innovation is the neoclassical façade of the gothic loge, which presents a radical contrast with the rest of the building.

Nowadays, the fortress does not exist anymore, it has been replaced by a park and a market.

Nevertheless, the Ribera remains one of the most historic neighborhoods in Barcelona, so it is definitely worth a visit.

La Ribera, Barcelona

La Ribera is one of the historical neighborhoods of the city. With all the little medieval streets and the famous shops, a symbol of the ancient wealth of the borough, it really is a pride for its inhabitants. To this day, it is quite a popular area as it is located near the seaside and offers a great atmosphere: it is the everyday Barcelona; the one of the locals.

Nowadays this area is a little bit touristy but still is one of the favorite places for the locals to go out at night to a diner or take some cocktails. It’s the trendy neighborhood in the city.


Insider’s tips:

  • Don’t forget to take a map so as not to get lost during the day.
  • Try to go there during market days so that you can see what the neighborhood’s everyday life looks like on these busy, lively days.
  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Near By

1.) Catalunya’s Parliament:
Catalunya’s Parliament is one of the most powerful in Spain. Indeed, the autonomous region is one of the most populated in the country and the Catalonian nationalist movement is quite influential in the region. In addition to this political importance, the building is really beautiful and the place facing it is very calm and inviting for a little moment of rest.

2.) Barcelona’s Zoo:
It is an absolute must-see for a family visiting the city. It will entertain and amuse your children and you will probably enjoy it as well. Moreover, Barcelona’s Zoo is very close to the beach and is therefore ideal to combine both and have a “kids’ day” during your trip.

3.) Barcelona’s Aquarium:
This aquarium is located next to Barcelona’s harbor where you can enjoy the view of the boats and of the sea. Here you can spend a few hours discovering the sea’s aquatic fauna. A really enjoyable experience especially if you’re traveling with kids.

Why it’s worth visiting

  • It is one of the most historical neighborhoods of Barcelona.
  • There are tiny streets with beautiful stores which epitomize the golden past of the borough.
  • As it is near the seaside, it is ideal for a day between local life (the Ribera) and sightseeing (Santa Maria del Mar and the beach).
  • It’s where the best restaurants and shops are located.