Go out at night in Barcelona


Here are five amazing things to do at night in Barcelona

1.) Visit the terraces on the beaches

Joina party here or just go and people watching! Get and enjoy your drink as you admire the waters or as you catch up with friends and family. You can also make a request to the dj to play your favorite tune.

2.) Go to a Pintxo in bar and pick up a platter

These platters of bite-sized food that are served on bread are very popular in Barcelona. You are supposed to pick at the food with toothpicks, and at the end of the night, you will be charged for the number of toothpicks that you have used.

3.) Become a photographer for the night

Barcelona is very picturesque, and the views only look even better at night! Wonder through the day along the Barcelona streets by taking a Barcelona tour , and spot a few places you can come back to at night for some amazing photos!

4.) Bar hop

From the Bar Colombo; the little tapas bar that has a sunny terrace overlooking the port to Aurora and Bar Lobo, move from one bar to the other and taste different drinks, just for fun!


5.) Go to a disco with a dress or music theme

Some discos and bars have special nights with a theme to follow including options on how everyone should dress or what type of music will be played for the night. There are signs and posters all over the city that will notify you of these kinds of parties, so look out for them and make a point of attending one or two!

Facts about going out at night in Barcelona

With the nightlife full with a buzz of activities, you are guaranteed to have a good time while in Barcelona! Entrances to most clubs vary from about 10 Euros to around 25 Euros. There are also special theme nights every night including the “Crappy Tuesdays” at Apollo and the “We love Mondays” at Opium Mar.

The nightlife is especially exciting during summer as the open air cinemas get busy, paradise beach bars come to life, and you can spot live DJs on rooftops! Most of these activities take place around La Rambla, located between Placa de Catalunya and Port Vell. There are also bars targeting students, where you also get to meet many young people. These include the ones on Raval and El Born. Friday and Saturday nights are dominated by stag and hen parties, with many tourists walking around.

Among the most famous places to go at night is the Catwalk, located along the beach in Port Olympico; a luxurious two-floor dance club with house music playing downstairs and R&B upstairs. Razzmatazz is also another favorite nightclub. It has a lot of events and has seen famous international and well-known musicians perform here including Missy Elliot. It is also famous for playing a lot of Techno, Pop, Disco and Rock.

Barcelona is well known for its amazing nightlife. There are so many bars and clubs that you can visit, and you can literally go out every night if you wish to.


How to get there

Barcelona has a very punctual, air-conditioned and clean metro system that can take you around the town, even though there is the option of using the taxis most of which are licensed to carry up to 4 passengers. Alternatively, you can choose to do away with the vehicles all together and just walk!

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Insider’s tips:

  • Take a Barcelona Walking Tour during the day so as to spot as many places that you will visit at night as possible.
  • If you are looking for a hotel to stay while in Prague, look for those at the city center for easier access to all the party venues and to and from your hotel.
  • The best way to enjoy the nightlife is staying until the morning hours, as many people go into the clubs very late at night, with the number going up towards the mornings.

Opening Hours

Nightlife in Barcelona will usually start at around 10:00 pm for bars and midnight for clubs, closing at around 2:00 am during weekdays and 3:00 am over the weekends, some going up to 6:00 am.

Why it’s worth experiencing

  • Barcelona is a city well known for ‘not sleeping’, so you do not want to be caught in bed while everyone else is out partying!
  • Most clubs are free before a certain time, usually 1 am, so you have no excuse to not go out!
  • It is your best at keeping base with the locals and learning a lot about Barcelonians without having to put in too much effort.