Eixample – Barcelona


Here are five amazing things to do around Eixample

1.) Take a Gaudi Walking Tour

This guided walking tour will take you to the core of Gaudi’s Barcelona. You will discover his most emblematic and most famous pieces of art like Casa Batlló or La Pedrera. You will also discover interesting aspects about the city, learning about Chupa Chups lollipops and about many other stories and anecdotes.

2.) Visit the gigantic Sagrada Familia

This cathedral is likely to be the first building that comes to mind when you think of Barcelona. Indeed, it is probably the most original cathedral in the entire world! With the decorations and towers, Gaudi did a remarkable work. Unfortunately, he was not able to finish it as he passed away before finishing it. Now it’s still under construction.

3.) Visit the Casa Mila Pedrera

Welcome to this fairy-tale like house! The Casa Mila looks like a cake, particularly when looking at its top towers over the building. The inner-building is far from being less original: it is empty in the middle and the apartments are really visible.

4.) Visit the Casa Batllo

The façade is really amazing and so Gaudi-styled!

The interior of the house is open to visitors, but there is an entrance fee. Nevertheless, it is worth the price as it is quite peculiar. Indeed, the rooms are in themselves pieces of art. They are undoubtedly a precursor of the contemporary decorative art, which makes them quite impressive. Moreover, the views from the top are just amazing. If you go there in summer, don’t miss the jazz concert that they organize on the terrace!

5.) Go to La Monumental (Barcelona’s Arenas)

If you want to experience the Catalan culture you must attend a “corrida”. It is a “sport” in which the “torero” has to survive the attack of a “toro” (bull) and to kill it before it kills him. This is typical of the Catalan culture in Europe.

Facts about Eixample

Eixample was the first big extension of Barcelona in the XIX century. After the demolition of the city walls, the neighborhood was required to answer the problems of overcrowding and hygiene. The government of Isabel II asked the architect Cerda to build this neighborhood. It is made of square blocks of 113 meters on each side. The city then became very symmetric and square. Actually, it was made to welcome 250 people per square kilometer, but it increased to 2000 in 1925! The interior gardens were replaced by constructions and the buildings extended in height.

Nowadays, Eixample really is emblematic of the city as the square blocks are really typical of Barcelona’s architecture and also because it is full of landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia or the Casa Batllo. One part of it, the left Eixample is also the gay area of Barcelona.


This neighborhood is emblematic of the modern Barcelona. Indeed, it is designed in a very modern way, with geometrical blocs. As there are many landmarks in Eixample, it is a very popular destination for tourists.


Insider’s tips:

  • Count the blocs you pass or take a map so as not to get lost. Take at least a full day to visit this neighborhood as there are so many landmarks in this area.
  • Don’t miss the Sundays market in Sant Antoni metro station. It’s a really Catalan thing to do!
  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Near By

1.) Enjoy a sunny afternoon in the Montjuic Park:
This majestic park is likely to enchant you as it has all you can dream of when you think of a park: large areas of green grass and plants, a beautiful monument and sightseeing spots over the seaside!

2.) Have fun in the beaches of the Barceloneta:
This picturesque neighborhood is really beautiful and pleasant. Here you will find almost all the beaches of Barcelona so it is definitely worth a visit!

3.) From the Northern part of the neighborhood, go to the Park Guell:
This beautiful, massive park is located in the center of Barcelona. Designed by Gaudi, it includes many peculiar details such as the extended bench designed to adapt to the shape of your back, or the magnificent mosaics and sculpted animals, like the Dragon of Saint George Legend, the most important example of the “trencadis” technique typical in modernism.

Why it’s worth visiting

  • It is quite rare to have such a geometrical neighborhood in a European city.
  • It is full of landmarks and attractions.