Basilica Santa Maria Del Mar


Here are five amazing things to do around Basilica Santa Maria Del Mar

1.) Take a Picasso’s BarcelonaLa Ribera walking tour

This walking tour in Barcelona will make you discover the hidden face of the city. The idea behind it is easy: discover the neighborhood with a local who will tell you everything about the “backstage Barcelona”. This tour will show you how Picasso is linked to the city and how this link is embodied by the Ribera. Picasso only stayed in Barcelona for 9 years but those years were the most important ones in his life because he was a teenager and his revel soul started here. You’re going to learn why in this tour!

2.) Go shopping at the trendy Passeig Del Born

In this typical street, you will understand what had made the neighborhood so powerful for three centuries. Indeed, it has kept a luxurious aspect and all the stores you can encounter also in the Montcada Street make it quite unique.

3.) Have a walk around this typical neighborhood of the Ribera

This neighborhood is emblematic of the history of Barcelona. It used to be the economic center of the city, the medieval CBD in a way, but nowadays it is only a neighborhood for locals to live and enjoy traditional streets and architecture in a peaceful atmosphere. Also, it is the best place to go at night for dinner or to have a cocktail in one of the thousands of bars located there.

4.) Have a picnic at the Montjuic Park

In this huge park, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city, of the seaside and you can also discover the Olympic stadium of Barcelona! This park hosts beautiful buildings and a flourishing and protected nature. In fact, it is the ideal place to take a break from the sightseeing in the city.

5.) Go to the Barceloneta’s market and its park

The tiny streets of the Barceloneta with all their little stores and typical shops are ideal if you want to lose yourself into the real Barcelona. In these streets it’s where the best sea food restaurants are. Also in the square of the market you’ll find really cheap tapas bars! After doing some shopping and eating you can go to the Barceloneta’s Park to rest and again to enjoy a view of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Facts about Basilica Santa Maria Del Mar

The basilica was built in the XIV century, at a time when fishermen were the main inhabitants of the Ribera. However, the neighborhood was the economic core of Barcelona so the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar was built to show its power and magnificence. The architecture perfectly reflects this contrast through the Catalan Gothic style. It embodies both the humility of the fishermen with neither flying buttresses nor massive façades, but rather sober walls, and the wealth of the neighborhood with the flamboyant gothic rose window and the church’s interior.

The construction took more than 50 years and was delayed because of the earthquake of 1379 until 1383. It was also severely damaged by the fires of 1936 caused by the Spanish civil war. Since then it has been restored and many items have been added, such as the baroque hostel for instance. This Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar can, therefore, be considered as a melting pot of architectural styles. It is finally the union between the earth, the city and the sea in Barcelona.

We the people from Barcelona feel really close to this church. For us is like our own Cathedral (although this is not the official one). For us, it is important because it was the people of the neighborhood who built it with their own money and hands. In fact if you look carefully at the door of the basilica, you’ll see a little homage to those men who were going every day to the mountains to pick the stones.

Basilica Santa Maria del mar

The basilica really embodies the soul of our neighborhood, the Ribera. It was originally built by the fishermen to ask mother Mary for more luck in the sea. This is why all the inhabitants of the Ribera are so proud of the cathedral. It really is one of Barcelona’s jewels. It is not located downtown, where everybody is busy and the streets are crowded. It is in the real Barcelona, the historical one, the one of the locals.


Opening Hours

Every day from 9:00 am to 1.30 pm and from 4.30 pm to 8:00 pm.

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Near By

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2.) Barcelona’s zoo and aquarium:
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3.) Catalunya’s Parliament:
Catalunya’s Parliament is one of the most powerful in Spain. Indeed, the autonomous region is one of the most populated in the country and the Catalonian nationalist movement is quite influential in the region. In addition to this political importance, the building is really beautiful and the place facing it is very calm and inviting for a little moment of rest.

Why it’s worth visiting

  • It is very rare for a church to clearly embody a neighborhood like this. Therefore, if you do not have enough time to discover all the Ribera, at least visit this basilica and get a feel for this historic area.
  • The architectural style is a unique melting pot.
  • It is near the sea side.