Barcelona in September


Here are five amazing things to do in Barcelona in September

1.) La Merce

This annual festival of the city of Barcelona should definitely be on your list if you are visiting Barcelona in September. The festival attracts huge crowds, locals and tourists, and there is a lot of excitement around this period. From the spectacular human towers to the special traditional la Sardana dances, this event is full of free activities! There is also the annual Catalan Wine Fair, a display of amazing fireworks, water fountain and music at the bottom of the Montjuic Mountain, and a 10 km race. There’s simply too much fun here, and this will be one of your memorable experiences in Barcelona!


2.) Museo Picasso

This is one museum that you must visit, as it is famed for being among the most visited museums in Barcelona. There is a lot of very interesting Picasso painting here, all arranged along the themes of his artistic experimentation. The paintings reveal a great deal of his views and thoughts of life. If you are an art lover, this is highly recommended, as you will learn a lot more from this visit. You can take a Picasso’s Barcelona tour to be able to learn much more, in addition to visiting other nearby attractions.


3.) Walking Tour: Ramblas and Barri Gotic

September is a nice time to enjoy this extremely interesting walk, as it is not too hot, and the guides will leave you entertained and knowledgeable in regard to Barcelona as a whole! These guides have been born and raised in Barcelona, and will let you see corners that you might have never visited, and give you their personal experiences. The walk is offered every day in the afternoons, and among other places, you will get to visit Santa Eulalia – the fake Gothic Cathedral!


4.) Barcelona’s beaches

Most of the beaches in Barcelona are very clean and well maintained, and ready for anyone caring for a swim, especially as it is very warm in September! There are a lot of these beaches, but the most common ones include the Sitges Beaches, the Icària Beach, the Barceloneta Beach and the famous “nudist” beach of Barcelona, the Mar Bella Beach. Barceloneta beach is the most common and most visited of all of them and has a lot of entertainment including great seafood. They also have wind and kite surfing activities. The “nudist” beach is also quite popular, even though the name might be misleading as there are not only nude people here. We also have the Icària Beach that has many young people, and maybe not so popular with the older generation. Finally, there is the Sitges beach, the farthest from the town center, very noisy and windy, and a major spot for the gay community in Barcelona.


5.) Eixample

Considerably one of the most expensive areas in Barcelona, Eixample is amazingly beautiful, very quiet and peaceful as compared to other centers, and has a lot of Antonio Gaudi’s architecture. Only a short distance from La Rambla, it gives you an opportunity to shop, and also eat at one of its many restaurants. It also contains most of the famous buildings in Barcelona including La Pedrera, Casa Batlló and La Sagrada Família. Make a point of visiting the area, and take lots of photos!

Free Activities in Barcelona in September


Visit the vintage shops in Carrer de la Riera Baxa
Situated in the heart of Raval and just a few blocks from La Rambla, shopping here will feel like heaven, especially because of the very cool second-hand stores, great window displays, and very friendly and helpful sellers!


Free concerts during the festival “L’Hora del Jazz”
This “hour of Jazz” festival is full of free jazz concerts, with both old and contemporary styles. It focuses on local talent with performers from around Catalunya and has both day and night concerts planned. The day event takes place at the Placa de la Vila in the Gracia neighborhood, midday on the first three Sundays of the month, but the evening events slightly vary.


Free Tapas (Tuesdays at Restaurant Sesamo)
Get to this restaurant early to avoid being left outside, as there are many people here on Tuesday, and unfortunately, the restaurant cannot accommodate many people, and enjoy your mouth watering free tapas! The waiters here are also very pleasant!

This is a wonderful time to visit Barcelona as the weather is still really warm, and the beaches are not too crowded!


Weather in Barcelona in September


Average temperature:
Min 17° C / 63° F
Max 26° C / 79° F

Average number of rainy days: 9

Sightseeing in Barcelona in September

Walk around the streets and admire the creative graffiti
The graffiti in Barcelona, give it all the charm and uniqueness that it possesses. Designed by professionals, they are amazing and creative, especially with the knowledge that most of the artists are given a very short time to finish their work by the city policy, so the end product will leave you amazed. There are numerous urban festivals that take place annually, and invite many young graffitists and artists to come, meet and mingle with others, to learn more from each other, and come up with even more interesting graffiti. Most of these young people are from the Raval area of Barcelona.

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Attractions in Barcelona in September


Santa Eulalia


Barcelona’s Beaches


Passeig de Gracia