Barcelona in November


Here are five amazing things to do in Barcelona in November

1.) Walking Tour: Picasso’s Barcelona

If you want to know Barcelona really well and really quick, then you have to take a guided tour with people born and raised here. When these people are young and friendly well informed young men and women, it gets even better! With tours offered every day at 5 pm, visiting among others destinations La Ribera, El Born and Barceloneta, you will really have a good time here. Also, you do not even need to book to be part of this trip, just show up and have fun! The walks are free, but you can tip after, out of your own will.


2.) La Pedrera

You have to be at the famous Passeig de Gracia to spot this very beautiful building! It is another of the amazing Antonio Gaudi’s architecture, with an interesting arrangement of concrete and twisted iron balconies. Its rooftop sculptures and chimneys are also a sight to behold; an amazing construction indeed. At night, they offer exhibitions and concerts, so you can hang around for these and enjoy the entertainment. Get here early too, as the place sees many visitors.


3.) Barcelona Aquarium

This is the largest aquarium in Europe, and the sight of it will take your breath away! You need to walk through its tunnels, to watch all the aquatic life up close, including the eels, jellyfish, stingrays and sharks. Kids will especially have a good time here, and will enjoy a great deal! It’s very organized, a bit expensive though, and might be crowded at some point during the day. So why not get here early?


4.) Day trip to Figueres in the Dali Museum

The Dali Museum has got to be one of the best museums in Barcelona. It has lots of rooms that have a lot of paintings and pictures, with creative and beautiful art pieces of Dali, which for those who are not art lovers, may make no sense at all, but are still fun to see. The lobby is also amazing I must say, and seeing it for yourself would be best! They also have visiting art exhibits from time to time, which is a cool touch. The only thing you might want to take note of is that there are many people that come here, and most are always taking photos, so be prepared!


5.) Sagrada Familia

As like most beautiful and almost weird buildings in Barcelona, this building is the work of the famous Antonio Gaudi, and the sight of it is simply breathtaking! It is said to be the most famous Cathedral in the world, and people visit it from all corners, just to get the feel of all it is about. It has stained glasses, the sculptures are amazing, it is really huge; just a real piece of work! As there are many people here, it is advisable to come early, to avoid joining in the long queues which move fast anyway, so not to worry too much!

Free Activities in Barcelona in November


Considered to have art that was too experimental for normal galleries, this modern art museum has very interesting exhibitions, and with free entrance daily! Take a metro from Barceloneta or the Arc de Triomf to get here.


“Churros y chocolate” in “La Granja”
This is a typical Spanish delicacy, very nice during the cold weather, and sold in typical Spanish cafés; ‘granjas’! They are similar to a doughnut, but a bit long and thin with a dust of sugar. Churro is enjoyed by dipping it in hot and creamy chocolate. You must try this!


Antique market: Mercat Gotic
This is a small, well-stocked flea market in the Barri Gotic area in Barcelona. The easiest way to know more about it would be to take a Ramblas and Barri Gotic walking tour. It’s open every Thursday, and will be worth your while!

It’s starting to get chilly! Even though there is some bit of sun every now and then, we definitely have to move away from the beaches, and accept that we cannot swim that much in the sea! However, this only means that new activities open up.


Weather in Barcelona in February


Average temperature:
Min 8° C / 46° F
Max 17° C / 63° F

Average number of rainy days: 8

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Sightseeing in Barcelona in November

Go on top on the Montjuic Hill and enjoy the view of the city
What better way to see Barcelona than from the top of Montjuic? This scenic wooden hill is located in the South West of Barcelona, is about 213 meter high, and with a relatively flat top that overlooks the harbor. Among the attractions here include the famous Joan Miro Foundation, a vast museum with a lot of this artist’s works and La Caixa Forum that you can see on your way down. Because it is located between the city and the sea, the view from this mountain will simply take your breath away! There are a lot of museums, gardens and monuments to see. Take the Teleferic de Montjuic Cable Car on your way up, in a four person carriage, to the Montjuic Castle. All in all, this is one attraction you must visit, as the weather around this month is really cool and friendly!

Attractions in Barcelona in November


Gaudi’s Master Pieces


Barri Gotic


Ciutadella Park