Barcelona in May


Here are five amazing things to do in Barcelona in May

1.) Walking Tour: Ramblas and Barri Gotic

As the weather is really nice and warm at this time of the year, you can enjoy an afternoon walking tour of the Ramblas and Barri Gotic with young, enthusiastic guides who will let you see Barcelona from a Barcelonian’s view. They have been born and raised here, and will give you their own personal experiences along the walk, and tips on the must-sees of Barcelona!


2.) Tibidabo

If you love great views, then Tibidabo, one of the two mountains in Barcelona, should be the place you want to visit! In my opinion, this has got to be one of the best views in the world, and you can see the whole of Barcelona from here. Among the things you will find here include an amusement park, a telecommunications tower and a Catholic church, all of which are visible from most of the city. From the bottom of the Ramblas looking up, at the Columbus statue, you will see Montjuic on your left, and Tibidabo right in front of you. You can take the U7 metro line from Placa Catalunya up to Av. Tibidabo and from here, you can decide to walk as you admire and take photos of other attractions.


3.) Boqueria Market

This market has some of the freshest fruits, vegetables and sea food in Barcelona, and better time to visit than in May! It is open daily from seven in the morning even though most of the sellers actually start their businesses at eight. Note however that the market, also known as San Zhuzep, remains closed on Sundays. Boqueria Market is also very easy to access from the Barcelona city center as it is near the central streets of La Rambla. Visit it for breakfast, which will mostly include juice and a variety of doughnuts. Be warned though that the juices at the entrance are more expensive than the ones just a few meters in. Also, don’t forget to take some very colorful photos!


4.) Ciutadella Park

This has got to be Barcelona’s most beautiful park! What with the amazing architecture, a lake, a museum, a zoo… the list is endless! It is located to the north of Barceloneta and east of the El Born district of Barcelona, and is a really nice place to just go and relax. There are many places you can visit while here, including the Barcelona Zoo located on its west; here you can see anteaters, giraffes, and even tropical birds. Then you can move to the Castle of the three dragons, which carries the Zoology and Geology museums, and finish by relaxing on the grass or take an afternoon nap! Finally, note that you can also hire a boat if you wish to enjoy a ride around the lake.


5.) La Ribera

Often referred to as El Born by some Barcelonians, and located between the Barri Gotic and Parque Ciutadella, this Barcelona district has a lot of interesting places that you should definitely visit that includes the Picasso museum (Enjoy a nice walk of this attraction), the Santa Maria del Mar, the Palau de la Musica Catalana and the Mercat del Born market. It also has lots of narrow streets including the Calle Montcada, one of its most famous that were built in the medieval times. If you are not in the mood to visit all these attractions, simply take a stroll down the streets and window shop, as it will also be an interesting experience!

Free Activities in Barcelona in May


Street entertainers in Las Ramblas
This is a must see! From the statues to the women dancing with fans to people riding strange animals, others in a box, couples performing together…. the list is endless! This will make you smile, and you can take photos with them! Note however that to be a street performer, you are supposed to have a license as the police occasionally ask for papers.


Free Tapas (Tuesdays at Restaurant Sesamo)
Enjoy sensational mouth-watering free tapas every Tuesday at Sesamo, one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona, and you will be talking about it days after you leave! However, you have to reserve a space via Facebook; the Sesamo Comida Sin Bestias page, in order to enjoy it.


Free entrance into museums on “Dia Internacional dels Museus”
Organized by the International Council of Museums, this International Museum Day will be celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and it’s always a good opportunity to go and enjoy the views here and any special events, for free!

It’s getting a little hotter, slowly but surely, and the rains are dropping in May here in Barcelona! Summer is just around the corner, and I can only imagine the thousands of fun-filled activities awaiting.


Weather in Barcelona in May


Average temperature:
Min 12° C / 54° F
Max 20° C / 68° F

Average number of rainy days: 9

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Sightseeing in Barcelona in May

Take a walk in the harbor
Stroll along this beautiful harbor of Barcelona and relax from all the crowds in the city while admiring the artworks and the harbor views. You can head down to Las Ramblas, towards the sea, go past the Columbus monument, keep walking straight towards the sea, then turn to the left, at the Rambla de Mar. Walk across it, up to the Maremàgmun, a modern shopping and leisure complex, then keep strolling along the rest of the harbor, and of course take lots of photos! If you visit the harbor in the evenings, you will get a chance to enjoy really beautiful sunsets and if you are into deep water fishing, well, here is your chance! At night, you can have a drink from the many bars facing the port, and with some occasional dancing!

Attractions in Barcelona in May


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