Barcelona in March


Here are five amazing things to do in Barcelona in March

1.) Walking Tour “The Gaudi Tour”

Enjoy this famous tour in March, with young and very enthusiastic Barcelonians who have been born and raised here, and who understand this town inside out. The tour will include visits to Sagrada Familia, the Casa Batllo, La Pedrera among other famous attractions in Barcelona. Known for his interesting art all over the world, Antoni Gaudi will make you see art from a different angle.

2.) Eixample

Considered as one of the most expensive districts in Europe, this quiet and upscale attraction is not only full of great and amazing architecture from artists like Gaudi, but it’s also at the center of many other attractions in Barcelona, including La Rambla. This would definitely be a nice place to stay while in Barcelona and if not, just make sure you visit! There are plenty of nice places to eat and shop, and it’s not as crowded with tourists in March.

3.) La Pedrera

Located to the right of Passeig de Gracia, this beautiful building that is another of Gaudis’ amazing work and once known as Casa Milo, should be next on your list of things to do in Barcelona. With twisted iron balconies and interesting arrangement of concrete, you will be impressed. But perhaps the best part of the building is the rooftop sculptures and chimneys, which are also a must see! There are night exhibitions and nighttime concerts for those who might want to stay longer. You have to get here early though as there are long queues in the middle of the day, but this should not deter you if you run late.

4.) Agbar Tower

Famously known as Torre Agbar, this tall, fantastic and unique construction with glass and aluminum outer layers and that can be seen from basically anywhere in Barcelona, is a sight to behold. The view is particularly more interesting at night, where the colors changes from blue, to red, to pink, to yellow…. all night long!This 132 million-euro piece of art is a business center, and unfortunately visitors are not allowed in. Kids will especially love the lighting!

5.) Reial Plaza

Only 30 seconds from Las Ramblas, this should be another of your planned activities in Barcelona. Partially influenced by Gaudi in terms of art, this would be an ideal place to visit if you want to get away from Barcelona’s busy streets for a while. Get the train to Passeig de Gracia, then get the metro 2 stops to Liceu which is on Las Ramblas (Get an inside view of the Ramblas), and you are set! While here, or before you leave, enjoy a tapas at Mariscco Reial or a drink at Glaciar.

Free Activities in Barcelona in March

Free dance show at Cafe de Los Angelitos
From the costumes to the excellent singing and dancing including innovative scenes, you will lose yourself in this professional tango show in Barcelona, which is not only magical but creative, inspirational and entertaining too! The show goes for about an hour or so, so be prepared.

Port Olimpic
This is by far one of the most attractive attractions of Barcelona that you should visit. It is full of bars, restaurants, and leisure facilities, and is close to the Barceloneta and Icària beaches. The easiest way to get here is by taking a metro at Ciutadella Vila Olimpica on yellow line 4, then alighting and taking a 10-minute walk to your destination.

The Catalunya Parliament
Located in Ciutadella Park in central Barcelona and open on special days, this is a building you must visit, as you will admire its architecture and history.

March is a month of cool weather in Barcelona. It starts getting a little warm and cloudy, and it only gets better as the month progresses.


Weather in Barcelona in March


Average temperature:
Min 7° C / 45° F
Max 16° C / 61° F

Average number of rainy days: 7

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Sightseeing in Barcelona in March

Walk around the backstreets (Espit Chupitos)
You can start an easy walk at Gracia and admire the unique streets and plazas, then move on to Ribera to learn about the interesting street names or visit the old chapels. Continue walking to the Born district while taking lots of photos, and don’t leave before enjoying a tapas lunch in the Barri Gotic. However, all this will not be fun enough, without popping into the EspitChupitos, one of the famous bars in Barcelona. There’s a long list of shots on the wall that costs 2-5 Euros each, and with no ingredients listed. You simply need to walk up to the counter and order your drink; strong, creamy, sweet and so on, then wait for directions before drinking! Not that your drink will be any sweeter, but this ‘ritual’ is super fun and extremely entertaining!

Attractions in Barcelona in March

Barri Gotic