Barcelona in February


Here are five amazing things to do in Barcelona in February

1.) Casa Batllo

Take time to visit this stunning and remarkable building, the work of the famous Antoni Gaudí, located at 43. It’s unique, exceptional and almost bizarre design will leave you smiling, and appreciating the power of art. To get a better understanding of the history of this building, take a Gaudi Tour. The ground floor, for example, has irregular windows with sculpted stonework, which is a bit unusual, but very interesting all the same. Offering the best modernist function rooms in Passeig de Gràcia and located at the center of the city, this is one place you want to see for yourself! It is a bit expensive though at 20 Euros, but this money goes to support the maintenance of this beautiful piece of art.

2.) Museo De Historia De Catalunya

Take a journey through the history of Catalon, from many years ago, to the present day. This museum is not only beautiful, but also very well organized, with information easily accessible to anybody, informative, and very affordable too! You also do not have to worry about the language, as it is translated into English and Spanish! They also have very good quality exhibitions from time to time, and a range of other services including restaurants and a library.

3.) Walking Tour Picasso’s Barcelona

What better way to enjoy your time in February in Barcelona than taking La Ribera tour by very friendly and enthusiastic individuals born and bred in Barcelona, who will not only walk you, but give you so many tips on where to shop, eat, and go, for a completely amazing time in Barcelona! Offered every day at 5 pm and with no booking needed, this would be the best way to spend your evening, and you will end up feeling more of a Barcelonian than before!

4.) Las Ramblas

This is one of the definite must-dos when you are in Barcelona. Bursting with life, people and activities, Las Ramblas is one place you will not forget in a long time. Located approximately 1.2 km long with Port Vell at the Southernmost end and Plaça Catalunya at the northernmost end, and mainly used by pedestrians because of its 2 narrow one-way traffic roads which run on either side of the central Ramblas Boulevard, this is where you will get to enjoy live performances, artists drawing your face, and even human statue art. There are also a lot of shops and restaurants along these streets, and although prices might be a little high because of its popularity and pickpockets here and there, you definitely want to see this for yourself!

5.) Santa Maria Del Mar

Walk into one of the most spectacular and fine Gothic churches in Spain. It is not only ancient, but also very beautiful. With artistic glass windows and the amazing gothic architecture, you will enjoy a walk inside this building. Additionally, if you get a chance to attend a musical event here, it will be a refreshing experience. Another good thing is that the church is only a short distance from Museo Picasso. Please note however that, women should always cover their shoulders and not wear short pants.

Free Activities in Barcelona in February

Watch a Barça game in a bar
There’s no way you are going to miss a Barça game whilst in Barcelona! Nearly all the bars in Barcelona show live sports, from the World Cup to the Champions League. Become a Barcelonian by joining in the fun and discussions on the game.

Caixaforum art gallery
Full of concerts, lectures, and multimedia art take time to visit this nice art gallery in the Montjuic area, and you will not only learn a lot but will have a great time!

Hospital de St Pau
Visit the very charming, huge and beautiful gothic building, just up the road from La Sagrada Familia, which is also a functioning hospital. This is also said to be the place where Gaudi died. It’s actually a collection of buildings that are always undergoing renovations.

Barcelona in February might get a bit cold, so you might want to bring a jacket along and make sure that there’s a good heating system wherever you are staying. But this should not stop you from having a good time!


Weather in Barcelona in February


Average temperature:
Min 5° C / 41° F
Max 14° C / 57° F

Average number of rainy days: 7

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Sightseeing in Barcelona in February

Spend a day in the working class area Poble sec
Located at the foot of Montjuic, this “dry village” (Catalan) will give what you need, especially if you have been concentrating on the other Attractions in Barcelona which are normally full of tourists in February. Also, in as much as a big part of this area is residential, there is a lot of entertainment, including bars, theatre and a club, most of which are yet to be discovered by tourists. Poble sec is only about 20 minutes walk from Las Ramblas.

Attractions in Barcelona in February

Boqueria Market

Agbar Tower

Santa Eulalia