Barcelona in August


Here are five amazing things to do in Barcelona in August

1.) Passeig de Gracia

This is one of the high end areas in Barcelona. It is home to some of the world renowned fashion labels including Zara, Escada and Chanel. It also has some amazing Gaudi architecture, so apart from shopping; you will have a lot of photos to take! You might also want to wear some comfortable shoes because there will be a lot of walking in this hot August weather, but definitely plan to have some fun! Passeig de Gracia is located from Plaça Catalunya to Avinguda Diagonal, has some nice plane tress and street lighting at night, and beautiful and very interestingly designed pedestrian streets.


2.) Walking Tour: The Gaudi Tour

Let the people born and raised in Barcelona, show you Barcelona! This amazing tour will not only leave you happy and appreciating of Gaudi’s work, but you will end up feeling like a true Barcelonian. These young and very friendly Barcelonians will take you around to attractions like the famous Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, and the Casa Batllo, just to mention but a few, and will let you in on much more than what you see. Anytime is a good time to visit this destination, but the sun in August will be especially nice for a day walk.


3.) La Pedrera

This beautiful and unique building was once known as Casa Mila, and is another of Antonio Gaudi’s amazing architecture in Barcelona. Among its very interesting features are the creative arrangement of concrete, the twisted iron balconies, and the roof top sculpture and chimneys. If you get here and are too impressed to want to leave, then you have to wait for the very entertaining night time concerts and exhibitions for some cool, relaxed fun. Also, note that it is always better to get here early, to avoid long queues. La Pedrera is located on the right of Passeig de Gracia.


4.) Montjuic

This is a hill located on the south-west of Las Ramblas and El Raval and south of Plaça Espanya. It was once famous as being the site of the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix and is still one of the famous attractions in Barcelona. There is a cable car that can take you to the castle at the hilltop for a couple of minutes, for an amazingly interesting view of the whole of Barcelona including views of the Poble Espanyol and the Olympic Stadium among others. One of the easier ways of getting here would be to take a cable car from Barceloneta, then use the funicular railway from Parallel.


5.) Parque Guell

Art, art, art! This is one artistic centre, another of Gaudi’s’ amazing work! What with the Closed Chapel with a huge cross at the top of the park, to the unique staircases made of broken pieces of glazed ceramic, and including a dragon fountain? I say unique! You will totally appreciate coming here and will have a lot to write back home. Note also that from the top of the park, you will have an amazing view of the whole of Barcelona. Note also that the stairs up are steep and dusty, hence the climb can get really tiring, so remember to put on comfortable clothing including shoes, and of course carry something to eat like a snack. One of the shortest ways to get here would be to take bus no 24 from Placa Catalunya towards Passeig de Gracia to El Carmel stop, which will take you to a secondary entrance of the park, from where you can walk down to the main entrance. All in all, prepare for a fun-filled day!

Free Activities in Barcelona in August


Enjoy a theater show at “Festival del Grec”
This festival is famed as the largest theatre, summer annual dance and music festival in Barcelona. There is a lot of innovation and creativity from the participants, which makes it worth attending and enjoying. The theatre will especially interest you, as it is an open space on Montjuic hill and will be a memorable experience!


Fiesta Major de Gracia
Known as the biggest and most celebrated festival in Barcelona, the event brings together about one and a half million people, and takes place in August! The Gracia area is filled with color everywhere, and will be especially beautiful at night, with all the street lights lit up!


Street entertainers in Las Ramblas
Women dance with fans, some people stay in boxes and do tricks on unsuspecting passersby, others ride strange animals, there is a couple performing together; it’s a buzz of very interesting and entertaining activities! The best part is, you can always pose for a photo or two with these entertainers!

In as much as Barcelona might not get as hot as some cities in Spain, you still need to be prepared for a hot weather, and of course, most people will be headed for the beaches!


Weather in Barcelona in August


Average temperature:
Min 19° C / 66° F
Max 28° C / 82° F

Average number of rainy days: 8

  • 13 million visitors a year 99%
  • Incredibly detailed 80%
  • Contains hidden mysteries 70%

Sightseeing in Barcelona in August

Have a day trip to Montserrat
What better way to enjoy your trip to Barcelona, than visiting this stunning and one of the most popular mountains in Barcelona, at this time of the year? A visit here will give you a chance to escape the busy city life, and enjoy wonderful views of the Barcelona countryside. Only about half an hour from Barcelona centre by train, you will enjoy great hiking trails, interesting formations of unusual rocks, listen to the famous Basilica choir boy performances of Gregorian chants (known all over the world) among other music types, free of charge daily, at 1.00 pm apart from Christmas and some other selected periods, and finish with a visit to the monastery, which has amazing beauty all around it!

Attractions in Barcelona in August




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