Stephane City Guide Paris

Stéphane was born in Paris, raised in the 17th district, and now lives in the 12th district. He fell in love with the City studying geography at the Sorbonne University situated in the Latin Quarter. Since then, he has never lost his passion for Paris.

Stéphane also loves to travel and live abroad. He went to the North Cap hitchhiking, experienced a raft down the Danube River, took his studies and worked in China and taught French in Kyrgyzstan. Nevertheless, he eventually always comes back to the Parisian river banks, streetsand cafés that he would miss so much while being abroad.

Stéphane is a professional French language teacher for foreigners. He is also keen on learning about other cultures and sharing cultural and historical knowledge with Paris visitors from all over the world. Needless to say that he is fond of the history and geography of Paris, in particular, and that of France, in general. This is why every day he keeps on learning new things about Paris to provide you with more fascinating details and tips about the City of Love.

If you prefer understanding things by visualizing them on a map, please do not hesitate to ask Stéphane. He will be more than happy to show you a great number of Paris-city maps that he keeps on the shelf…