At Discover Walks we keep asking ourselves one and the same question: just how does Olek know this? And that? And this again? It might help that Olek collects master’s degrees – one in comparative law, another in law history, and yet another in bio-chemistry. Oh, did I mention that Olek speaks fluent Polish?

In short, don’t expect Olek to give you a quick, dispassionate introduction about the Opéra, Notre Dame or the Sacré Coeur – he has studied and observed everything Paris-related in depth! (and he is VERY talkative, too).

When he has time, Olek dances the night away (salsa? nooooo! forro, says Olek!) and he eats all the cheese-cake he can find. He shares with Churchill a secret about living well – “Sports. No sports”.

On his walking tours (Montmartre free tour, Le Marais Free Walking Tour) Olek will urge you to explore medieval back alleys, to push open hidden doors and to enter dormant mansions.

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