lisbon city guide catarina

Raised in a mix of Lisbon life and Portuguese countryside, Catarina became a fusion of both: an urban dancer and a biologist. It’s very common to see her looking up and down at every little detail of the city and for any animal or plant, as she goes around every neighborhood of Lisbon.
It’s also very easy to spot her, since recently her hair turned very mermaid-like. As a history lover and a proclaimed geek, she always has an interesting fact to tell to whoever listens, and so, being a guide, she gets to share some knowledge and her deep love for Lisbon and its urban, artistic and natural wonders.
Catarina has always travelled a lot, seen 3 different continents, and danced in Europe and India, but it’s true that there is no place quite like Lisbon. This is the magic she hopes to transmit to its every visitor.